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A quick how to for Robin season! We have all the supplies you need, right here:

To make a robin:

Create a teardrop shape from core wool (our favourite is Shetland Merino).

Felt around the tail to give it definition, and add more wool at the head if you need to build it up.

Add brown roving over the back and sides of the robin.

Add an orange red over the chest, coming all the way up to meet the brown at the forehead - we use variegated fox red orange , which has darker fibres in for a natural look.

Create a beak from a short fibred dark brown such as portuguese merino .

Sew on some beads for eyes, we use 6mm black beads for our robins.

Make holes for the wire legs with a thin knitting needle, or by pushing your felting needle deep in. Position the wire legs in the holes, and check that your robin stands up, (ie. doesn't look like he's been on the sherry). When you are happy, pull the leg out slightly, and put glue on it, pushing it back into position. Leave to dry.

Your robin is finished! We would love to see a photo of your Christmas robins - email

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