How to make Pom-Poms from Wool tops/roving or wool batts

How to make Pom-Poms from Wool tops/roving or wool batts

Making Pom-Poms with wool tops/roving and batts
(to make Needle Felted Animals)

Wool tops or wool batts
Card board
Strong thread or yarn
A coffee/tea cup
A lid from a small jar/bottle
A pencil

Draw around your cup onto the card and cut these out so you end up with two separate circles.




Using the smaller lid, draw inside both of the cut discs.


Cut through the disc and around the inner circle. You should end up with two identical discs looking like donuts

Place these up on top of each other so that the slit is also lined up.

Choose your wool. If using wool tops you can either use a single colour or two or more colours.






For a mottled affect, you need to mix the wool strands by tearing off thinner and thinner strips lengthways.



Lay these on top of each other until you end up with a striped wool strand

Wind the wool strand around the ‘donut’ keeping it flat.


Make use of the slit to get into the centre which makes it easier to wrap.





When one strand runs out, start with another just making sure that you wind in the same direction. Make sure you wind the wool around tightly, this will stop it from slipping or coming loose. Do not cover the cut/slit.

When enough wool is on the ‘donut’ (it should feel nice and squishy), insert your sharp scissors where the slit allows you to slip them between the two donuts.  Next cut the wool open along the top being guided by the space between the two card board discs. Do not panic if you think all the wool will now come off before you have tied it. Just cut steadily with little movement. The inner circle of the donuts should hold the wool in place. Separate the two halves slightly.




Then slide in the yarn or strong thread all around the separated donut halves.






Slip the yarn ends around each other once and then again which will hold it tight when you pull it them  together before securing it with a knot.






Take off the donut halves (they can be re-used in most cases).






Then cut the yarn close to the knot and your pom-pom is finished!






Feel free to trim it afterwards! You can also needle felt on to the pom-poms.

You can slo use wool batts! Again use single colours or mix them to give a more flecked/mottled affect.





Try and keep the wool batts lengthways when mixing them by pulling of strands and laying them on top of each other. You may also find it is a little more tricky to wrap the wool around the two donut halves.

You can make all kinds of fluffy animals with this technique. Try owls, chicks, bunnies, sheep, hedgehogs....



Use your Pom-poms either on their own or sew them together to make owls, rabbits, chicks, guinea pigs or just Pom-poms….

Copyright The Makerss, pom-poms by Steffi Stern


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