Peg Doll Tutorial

Peg Doll Tutorial

Peg Dolls


A new product for us, we can't resist these sweet wooden peg dolls, the possibilities for personalising them are endless! We like to combine them with needle felting and sheet felt, they can also be painted, have sewn fabric accessories or can be decorated with scraps. They make great gifts, cake toppers and we even know someone who has created a peg doll chess set!

We have created a few different versions using the following materials:



How to make Mr Moss:

  Take a pinch of green wool batts and wrap it around the peg doll. It needs to cover the body of the peg doll, with a layer just thick enough to hide the wood underneath, add more wool if needed.
Lay this wool on your mat and begin felting all over. Carefully turn the wool and felt the other side. Here I used one of our 4 needle tool which works much faster than a single needle.
Check the wool still fits your peg doll.
Lay some of the dyed green Leicester curls over the felted wool, and felt through both layers to attach. You may sometimes need to lay a few fibres of batts over the top of the curls and felt in to help them attach.
Choose which side of the peg doll you want for its face. Wrap the wool shape around your peg doll to check it still fits, add / remove wool where necessary. Add glue around the peg doll, making sure you have gone around just below the neck line, and just above the base, as well as plenty in between these lines.
Wrap the wool over the glue and press gently to help stick. You may need to felt the join a little by working on a sideways angle with your needle.
Take a single curl from the 'Citrus' hand dyed Teeswater curls, and begin spiralling it around starting with the more 'fluffy' end. Overlap the edges slightly and stab as you go to felt together. Keep peeling the wool away from your mat to prevent it attaching. Make the spiral wider as you go, once shaped in the next steps it will be a hat for your peg doll.
Keep felting around, until all the curl is used up. Turn the hat and felt the other side.
To shape the hat, if you have one of our Eco Felting Mats, the corner comes in handy to make the hat shape.
You can also pinch the sides of the hat as you felt to help it get its shape.
Try the hat on for size!
When happy, add glue around the hairline and then in between the lines.
Stick the hat on, pressing gently to attach. Leave to dry. Your peg doll is finished!


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