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View all 10 x 10 100% cotton 100% polyester thread 100% Shetland 100% wool 14 box set 2021 calendar 27 micron 29 mic 29 micron 2D 2D felting 3d 3D felting 4 ply A5 box A5 Box Stak A6 box accessories accessory advent afternoon pack alpaca amethyst angel angel hair angel wings angelic angels angle angles animal animal eyes animals apples armature august fairy australian Australian Merino autumn autumn landscape baby baby barn owls baby bird baby deer baby doll baby doll's house doll baby pink badger bambi bamboo bamboo fibre bamboo length bamboo stick banana yellow bare bare hug bare hugs bargain barn owl barn owls basic basic needle felting basic shape basics batt batts bauble baubles beads beak beaks bear bear hug bears beaver bee bee mix beech beechwood beeswax beginner beginner kit beginner pack beige bight bird bird legs birds birds legs birdwatching birdy Birthday paper black blank blank eyes blue blue speckle blue tit bluefaced Kerry Hill bluefaced leicester bluey green blush pink Bo Peep body book booklet books Box bread bright bright colour bright colours bright green bright pink bright rainbow bright wool mix bright yellow brights mix british british landscape brooch brooch backs brown brown black browny red brush brushes brwn bulk bumble bee bumper bumper pack bundle bunnies bunny burger Burns night butteflies butterflies butterfly butterfly painting pack cabachon cabochon cabuchon cake calendar calendars calender calenders californian otter californiian otter canine carded carded batts carded wool care caring and sharing carry case cat eyes cattle character cheap core wool chick chicken chickens chicks children chocolate brown christmas Christmas Decorations Christmas pudding Christmas tree citron clay cleaner cleaning brush clear eyes clear jar clear plastic box clearance clothing coal tit coastal coffee common otter cone doll container coo cool cool landscape copper copper wire core core felt core wool cotton country country living countryside cow craft craft group craft pack craft tool crafternoon crafts crafty beginner cream creamy brown creamy white crystal crystals cup cup of tea cuppa curled up curled up fox curls cute cylinder dachs dachshound dachshund dachshund trio daffodil yellow daffodils dark dark blue dark brown dark brown tops dark chocolate dark orange dark pink dark red Dark shades of brown darkest brown dashhound dashhund daxie decoration decorations decorative deep purple deer design digital discounted divided box DK DL box DL stak doe dog Dog Head doggie doggy dogs doll doll bodies doll eyes doll fabric doll faces doll food doll hair doll hands doll head doll house doll making doll's doll's house doll's house dolls dollhouse dolls dolls food dolls house dollshouse doormouse dormice dormouse double knit download Dragon dragon eyes dull orange DUSKY BROWN Dusky Pink dusty brown dyed dyed batts dyed cotton dyed tops dyed tops / roving dyed wool Dyed wool batts dyedd earth earth friendly Earth Mat earth mat brush earth mat cleaner easter easy easy beginner easy project eco mat eco mat brush egg eisblau electronic embroidery empty storage jar enhydra lutris eurasian ewe eye eyes fairies fairy fairy box fairy hair fairy tale fairy wings Falkland Island family farm farm animals farming farmyard fast felting wool batts fat quarter Father Christmas fawn feathers feet felt felt sheet felted felters felting felting fibre Felting mat felting wool feltng female wooden doll figure figures fingers fish fishing fishing gnome flamingo flamingo orange flamingo pink flannel flat flat backed flat felting flecks fledgling flesh tones flower flowers fluff remover fluffy foal foam foam felting mat foam mat foam mats foam pad food forestr Forget me not fowl fox fox brown fox orange Fox Orange Variegated Fox Rust Brown Fox Rust Brown Variegated foxfoxy foxy foxy mix friends friends and family friends pack frog eyes garden garden bird gateau Gemstones geode geodes german dog get started with felting Get started with Needle Felting gift gift pack gift tag Gift Wrap gift wrapped ginger girl doll glass glass eyes glasses glitter glossy glue in eyes glue on glue-on gnome Gnomes golden yellow Grass great tit Green green flecks green rainbow drops greens greeny blue groove grooved groovy guardian guided instructions hair remover hand hand pdf handmade hands hands with fingers hang hanging bar Hannah Hannes Happy Place Happy Place Mug hare hares harvest festival harvest mice harvest mouse hatch hawthorn head heart Hearts hearts with ribbons heather heaven hedgehog hen hens highland cattle highland coo highland cow hoggie hoggy hoglet Hogmanay holly homer hoof hooves horn horns horse horses how to howl howling hug hughie hugs humans ice blue In My Happy Place instructions jam january sale january2021sale jersey July fairy jungle kit Kitten noses knit knit & natter knitting knitting books knitting patterns knitting wool knitting yarn lamb lambs landscape landscape picture large fawn large fox large hare large leaping hare large wire hare leaf Leaf ribbon leaf trim leaping hare leaves lemon lemon yellow light beige light brown light shades of brown light turquoise like silk lilies lilly lily lime little dog Little Dog Workshop little owl little owls live stream loaf lockdown pack long curls long fibre long haired long-haired longhaired cow lunar lurid green lustre lustrous lutra lutra luxury luxury fibres luxury yarn machoggie machoggy madder made with love magic Makers makerss makerss box makerss box fawn makerss box fox makerss mixed bag Makerss workshop making making curls making needle felted animals Making Peg Dolls Making Simple Needle Felts making soft dolls male doll mane manes march hare mat mat cleaner materials materials and tools materials pack mauve mchoggie mchoggy Mediterranean medium brown Medium brown tops medium orange merino merino tops mermaid mermaid hair mermaids metal wings metallic mice mid brown midnight mie milk chocolate minature mineral mini food mini santa miniature mint green mix mixed bag mixed colour curls mixed wool mobile mocha modelling clay mole moon mountain sheep mountainsheep mouse mug mugs multi storage mushroom mushroom brown mushroom colours mustard mustard yellow muted colours muted green muted orange muted rainbow natural natural colours natural core wool natural dye natural dyed natural orange natural wool mix nature navy blue needle needle felt Needle Felt Kit Needle Felt Pack needle felted bumble bee needle felted fox needle felting needle felting instructions Needle Felting Kit needle felting pack needle felting wool needle felts needle storage needlefelt needles needles and pins needles caddy needles storage neon Neon Green neon pink nepps nest new new year sale new zealand new zealand merino noses nursery Nylon nymph October off-white offer olive green Online orange orangemuted orange organic organise otter otters outfit owl owlet owls pacific pack pack and tool kit packs painting with wool pair of wings pale blue pale brown Pale Brown Tops pale colours pale green pansies pansy paper parrot pastel pastel palette pastel rainbow pattern patterns pdf peacock butterfly Peacock workshop Peas peg peg doll peg dolls penguin penguin family penguins people Pere Noel pet pets pick n mix picnic picture pictures Piglets pin storage pincushion pink pink lips pipe cleaner pipe cleaners plain box plant dyed plant fibre plant silk plastic box plastic brush plastic jar polar bear pole polyester pom pom poppies poppy poppy fairy popular poseable pre-felt prefelt pressed pudding puppy pups purple rabbit rainbow rainbow blue rainbow drops rainbow mix rainbow of hope rainbow tops rainforest ramie raspberries raspberry raven RE:TREAT Red red brown red fox red squirrel reddish brown reddy brown reduced reduced price reindeer reindeer nose reptile eyes reverse needle rhubarb and custard Ribbon rich brown rich purple robin rock crystals rocks roly poly rose pink rose quartz roving royal purple Royal Voluntary charity rubber brush rust rust brown rusty Sage Green sale Sale item sale price sandwich Santa satin ribbon sausage dog scene scissors Scot Scotland Scottie Scottish scottish cow seal sealife seals seasonal sett sew sew along sewing share sheep sheet felt Shetland shimmer shimner short curls short fibres short haired short-haired silhouette silicon silicone silicone brush silk silk clay silk clay hooves silk like silklike silky silky clay Simple Skeleton leaves skin tones sky sleeping sleppy sloth sloth stick sloths slow small foam mats smooth smooth haired snake eyes snoozing fox snoozy snow snowman snowmen soft soft dolls soft felt soft toys soil south american south american tops space dyed sparkle sparkly spectacles spinning spirit spring spring green sprite sprite wings squirrel stack stak standing badger standing fox starter starter box steffi steffi stern step by step instructions stick on stock clearance stockinette stonesheep storage storage box storage idea storage jar strawberries strawberry stripey roving structural core felt structural felt stuffing stuffing wool stump summer sun Sunflower Sunflower Fairy sunflowers Sunny sunshine sweet jar sweetie jar swiss roll synthetic tan Teal texture texture pack the Makerss thread tiny baby tit to go toadstool toadstools toddler tomte Tool tool box tool box on the go tool storage tools tops topstop tree trees trikot tropical tunnel turquoise tutorial unicorn variegated variegated brown vegan vegan silk velour verdant vibrant virtual Virtual Village Hall virtual workshop viscose vivid green vixen VVH waldorf dolls wall hanging warm brown water water blue water lilies water lily water soluble wensleydale wet wet felt wet felting white wiener wild rose Wild Rose Fairy wildlife wings winter winter landscape wire wire armature wire armature hands wire hands wire hare wire-haired witch witches fingers wizard wolf wolves wood wooden wooden cone wooden doll wooden dolls wooden toys woodland woodland wreath wool wool bag wool batts wool mix wool mixes wool nepps wool storage wool tops wool tops south american workshop workshop packs wrapping Wrapping paper wreath xmas yarn yarns yellow youtube zest zesty