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View all 21 micron 22 25 micron 26 27 micron 29 mic 29 micron 2d 2d felting 32 34 micron 36 38 3mm 40 4mm 5mm 6mm 7x needle holder 8 @gransonthemake a2 accessories advent alpaca aluminium amethyst angel angel hair Angelina fibre animal animals antennae apple apples armature art assorted australian Australian Merino australian merino white Australin Merino autumn awl baby baby badger baby bunnies baby cats baby hedgehog Baby Jesus baby owls baby penguin baby pink baby rabbits baby seals background backing backs badge badger bag balm bargain barn owl base basic basic core wool basic needle felting basics bats batts bauble baubles beach beads beak beard beards bee bee mix bees beeswax begginer beginner beginner kit beginner project beige bendable bengal Bergshaf berries berry bfl bird bird feet birds birds legs biscuit black black bird black cars black cat black cats black panther black pipe cleaners bleached white blossom blue blue-tit bluey green body book books box bright bright colour bright colours bright pink bright white bright yellow british brontosaurus brooch brooch back brooch backs brooch pins brooches brown brown black brush brushes buckley bulk bumble bumble bee bumper bumper pack bundle bunnies bunting burnt orange butterflies butterfly camel Canary Cappuccino caramel card carded carded batts carders carding carrot cat cats charity poppies charity poppy chart cheap cheap core wool cherry chick chicken chickens chicks christmas christmas angel Christmas Decorations Christmas pudding Christmas tree citrus claw claws clay cleaner clogs clothes coarse coarse needle coarse wool coast coil colour colour range coloured colours cookie copper copper wire core core wool corvid corvids cotswold cotton cotton bag country living country sheep countryside course covered craft crafternoon crafts cream creamy white cross star crystals curled up curls curly hair cushion cute dachshund daffodil daffodil yellow daffodils dark dark brown dark green dark orange dark purple dark red Dark shades of brown darkest brown day decoration decorations deep blue deep red deep red variegated delivery dinosaur dinosaurs dissolvable dog dog tag doll dolls donkey doormouse dormice dormouse dormouse ochre dormouse tail Dragon dragonflies dragonfly dragons dull orange dyed dyed black dyed cotton dyed curls dyed wool Dyed wool batts earth easter easy easy beginner easy project eco egg yolk eisblau embroidery emperor penguin end of summer ewe extra extra strong pipe cleaners eye eye hole eye socket eyes fabric face Fairies fairy fairy hair fairy mix fairy wings family farm farm animals farming farmyard fast felting wool batts Father Christmas feet felt felt sheet felted felters felting Felting mat felting wool feltng feltworksho ferret festive festive season fibre fine fine fibre fine fibres fine needle fireworks fish fishing fishing gnome flamingo flamingo orange flamingo pink flat felting flesh flesh pink florist flower Flower stamen Flower stem flowerpot flowers fluff fluffy foal foam foot forest Forest green fox fox orange Fox red foxsheep foxy French country sheep fresh green friendly frost fun garden garden gnome garden pond gauge gel gelled Gemstones geodes German giant father christmas giant gnome giant santa gift gift tag ginger glass glasses glitter glittery glue glue in eyes glue-in gnome gnome hair Gnomes gold golden retriever golden sand golden yellow gotland gourdes grans on the make Grass Green green colour palette green shimmer Green wire greens greeny blue grey grey kitten grip Groz Beckert hair haired half felt Halloween hand hand dyed handle hands hare hares Harvest harvest festival harvest mice harvest mouse hat hawthorn heartshape heather hedgehog hedgehog fabric hen hens hessian hexit Hidden recommendation history hoglet holder hole holes holiday Holly honey honey bee honey bees horse horsehair horses horses mane hot pink how to Humbug humbug roving ice ice blue image in insects intermediate irridescent jackdaw jacobs jacobs humbug Joseph karakul kids kit kits kitten Kitten noses kittens knitting labrador lamb lambs landscape landscape picture landscape picture colours landscape picture kit lanolin lanolin rich large animal wire armature lavender Leaf Leaves legend legs leicester leicester curls lemon lemon yellow Lichen lichen gree light light blue light blue green light brown light pink light purple light shades of brown light turquoise light yellow like silk lime lime green little owls loaghtan local local wool locally sourced locks lollipop long fibre luxury machine Mad march hare Made with love magic magical makers makerss Makerss Bag making making curls Making needle felted animals Making Simple Needle Felts man mane manes manx manx loaghtan march madness marine marine wildlife Mary mat material materials materials and tools Mediterranean medium medium blue medium brown medium needle megamix merboy merino merino tops mermaid mermaid hair mermaids metal mice mie milksheep mini kit mint green Mix mixed mixed bag mixing mohair mole mole family moles money monthly morpeth moss motif mountain sheep mountainsheep mouse moustach lollipop moustache moustache lollipop technique mr mole multi multi needle tool mushroom mustard mustard yellow muted colours muted fox orange muted green muted orange mystery mystic mythical beasts nativity natural natural black natural colour natural colours natural dye natural dyed natural green natural wool batts naturaltops nature natursl colour Naughty gnome needle needle felt needle felt kit needle felted bee needle felted bumble bee needle felted honey bee needle felting needle felting kit needle felting wool needle felts needlefelt needles nepps new new zealand new zealand merino no-sew noel nose noses nuno nursery ocean ochre october octopus off white olive green orange orange red orangemuted orange otter owl owlets owls pack pad pale blue Pale pink Pansy flowers paper party paste pastel pastel palette pattern pdf pea green peacock Peas pebble pebbles peg penguin Penguin chick people pet pets picnic picture Pictures piece Piglets pin pincushion pine Pine trees pink pink cape pink pipe cleaner pipe pipe cleaner pipe cleaners plant plant dyed plantpot plants pom pom poppies poppy poppy flower popular portuguese merino pose able pose-able poseable poseable badger poseable fox poseable mice pot pre-felt prefelt prehistoric present press project protect the bees pudding pumpkin pumpkins pure black pure white purple rabbit rabbits rainbow rainbow tops rainbow wool mix Ramie rare breeds rat ratty Raven red red fox red squirrel reds refreshing green reindeer reindeer nose remembrance reverse needle rice rice filled hessian mat rich purple river robin robin bauble robins rock crystals rocks rose quartz roving royal blue rust rust brown rusty ryeland safety sample sand sandy Santa santa claus Santa Nick sari sausage dog scarf scene sea seahorse seal seal pups seals seaside seasonal shade card shades shaggy shaping sheep shell shetland shimmer shimner shiny shoe shoes short short fibres silk silk clay silk clay modelling silklike silklikelike silk silver silver tag Simple simple honey bee skeleton Skin sky sky blue slcker sleeping slicker sliver smooth snow snowman snowmen soft soft toy soluable soluble sophie south american South german south German merino space dyed sparkle sparkly spectacles spice spikes spikey spiky spinning spiral sponge Spring spring wreath sprite sprites squash squirrel st nick stable stalks stall stamen standard standard needle standing badger standing fox standing mice starter steel steffi stegosaurus stem stems stemtex stern stone sheep stone sheep lamb stonelamb stones stonesheep stonesheep lamb strawberry stripey roving strong stuffing subs subscription summer sun sun gold sunflowers supply surprise swatches synthetic tag tape taster Teal teasing technique Teeswater curls texel textel textile textiles texture the the makers the Makerss thin thin felt thin wire toad toadstall toadstalls toadstool Tomte Tomten tool tools tops Tote bag tree tree top fairy triceratops trick or treat tropical turmeric turquoise tutorial tutorials twisted needle twisted star uk un-dyed under under the sea undyed unicorn unicorn mane unknown variegated variegated green various vegetation very fine very fine needle vibrant vivian vivien vivienne vole voucher vouchers waistcoat warm water water blue water soluble water soluble paper wax weaving weed wensleydale wensleydale curls wet wet felt wet felting whiskers white white kitten white mice white snow wild horses wildlife wind in the willows wine red winter winter wool winter wreath wire wire armature wire haired wire wreath wisteria witch witch hair wizard wood wooden wooden mushroom woodland woods wool wool batts wool batts wool wildlife uncarded texture stones sheep popular pebble needlefelt needle natural light grey grey gotland felting felt dark grey craft beginner batts badger baby badger animals animal wool mix wool pack wool tops wool tops south american wool viscose wool viscose felt workshop wrapping wreath wren xmas yellow yoke yellow