* Butterfly *

In our June 2020 Makerss Subscription Box we featured a Large Painting with Wool Peacock Butterfly! Here you will find the fibres used in the project, our other Painting with Wool projects and Multi Tools that are fantastic for speedy 2D felting!
View all 21 micron 27 micron 2d 2d felting 7x needle holder animal animals australian Australian Merino bats batts beads bee bee pack beginner bight bird black black bird black cars black cats black panther bleached white bright colour bright green bright pink bright white bright yellow british brooch brown black brush brush mat bumble bee butteflies butterflies butterfly butterfly painting pack carded batts cattle citron core core wool corvids countryside cow craft crafts daffodil daffodil yellow daffodils decoration design dyed eisblau ergonomic farm animals felt felted felting flat felting flower flowers fluffy fresh green garden gift Grass green handle highland cattle highland cow holder hot pink ice blue insect insects jackdaw kingfisher kingfisher painting pack kit labrador landscape large brush mat Leaf Leaves lemon lemon yellow Lichen lichen gree light turquoise lime lime green longhaired cow makers makerss making mat materials Mediterranean merino mole moss mountain sheep multi needle tool natural needle needle felt needle felt kit needle felting needlefelt needles neon new new zealand new zealand merino owl pack painting painting with wool peacock peacock butterfly pet picture Pictures pink pom pom popular Prym pure black pure white rainbow Raven refreshing green scottish cow short fibres sky small brush mat Spring summer summerspring sun sunflowers sunshine supply The makerss tool turquoise very fine vivid green water water blue white wildlife wool wool batts wool tops yellow zest