A selection of goodies for your Christmas crafting and shopping!
View all 27 micron 29 mic 29 micron 3 kings 34 micron accessories advent advent box angel angel hair Angelina fibre animal animals apple apples armature assorted badger bargain basic basics batts bauble baubles beads beginner beginner box beginner kit beginner pack beginner project berries berry bird birds blue british british landscape British Wildlife brooch brown brown black browny black browny red bumper butterflies butterfly calandars calander calanders calendar calendars calender calenders Cappuccino charity poppies charity poppy cheap cheap core wool chess set chocolate brown christmas Christmas Decorations Christmas pudding Christmas tree coarse coarse wool copper core core wool cotswold craft crafts crafty beginner cream creamy white crown crowns curled up curly hair daffodil daffodils dark brown dark green Dark shades of brown darkest brown decoration decorations doll making doormouse dormice dormouse dormouse ochre dormouse tail dragonflies dragonfly dull orange dyed Dyed wool batts earth easy beginner Fairy fairy hair fairy wings Father Christmas felt felted felting Fine fine fibre flower flowers forest Forest green fox fresh green frost frosty garden gift gift wrapped glasses glitter glittery Gnomes gold golden retriever gotland Gotland White Grass Green green colour palette green flecks green rainbow drops green shimmer greens hair haired hawthorn head decoration Holly horses mane ice icy instructions irridescent king king robin kit landscape landscape picture landscape picture kit large animal wire armature Leaf Leaf ribbon leaf trim Leaves like silk long fibre luxury Makers makerss making curls mane materials merino mermaid mermaids metal crown mice moonstone mouse muted orange nativity natural natural colour natural green nature needle needle felting wool needlefelt new orange otter paste pdf pea green Peas peg dolls penguin penguins pet picnic Pictures pine Pine trees pink piste plant polar bear pom pom Poppies poppy popular port merino portuguese merino pre order preorder prince princess pudding pumpkin pure white queen queen bee rainbow drops Ramie Red regal reindeer reindeer nose remembrance rich brown robin roving royal royalty satin ribbon seasonal shetland short short fibres silk silklike silklikelike silk silver ski ski slope skiing skis sleeping sleeping mouse snow snowing snowman sparkle sparkly spinning Spring stalks starter starter box starter kit starter pack stonesheep surprise synthetic texel textel the makers the Makerss thin thin wire tools tops tutorial tutorials undyed unicorn unicorn mane variegated variegated green white wildlife wind in the willows winter wire wire armature woodland woods wool wool batts wool tops xmas yellow