* Curled Up Hedgehog *

All the materials you need to make the Curled Up Hedgehog featured in our October 2019 Makerss Subscription Box.
View all 27 micron 34 micron 36 38 3mm 40 4mm 5mm 6mm 7x needle holder advent alpaca amber animal animals apples assorted autumn baby baby bunnies baby hedgehog baby rabbits basic basics batts bauble beads bee beginner beige bird birds biscuit black blue brooch brown bumble bunnies butterflies butterfly camel Canary Cappuccino caramel chick chicks chocolate brown christmas Christmas pudding clear drying glue coarse coarse needle coarse wool coconut coconut shell container craft crafts cream cross star curled up hedgehog dachshund daffodil dark brown decoration display dull orange dyed easy eyes fabric Fairies felt felted felting fine fine needle flower flowers fox garden gel gelled glass glue glue pen glue-in gold golden retriever golden sand Grass green Groz Beckert haired hare hares hedgehog hedgehog fabric hoglet honey in karakul kit labrador lemon light yellow Mad march hare Making needle felted animals march madness material materials materials and tools medium medium brown medium needle megamix merino mint green mixed mohair mouse muted orange natural needle needle felt pack needlefelt needles new new zealand new zealand merino orange otter owl pack pale green pastel pattern Peas pet popular portuguese merino prickles pumpkin pva glue rabbit rare breeds Red reverse needle robin sandy seasonal shaggy sheep shell shells short short fibres Skin spikes spikey spiky Spring standard needle starter stick it strong summer sun tacky glue tool tools twisted needle twisted star uk variegated various very fine needle warm wildlife winter wire haired woodland woods wool wool batts wool tops wren xmas yellow