Mohair Yarn for Doll Hair - Straight and Bouclé (Curly)

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SKU: DL-Dollhair-NaturalStraight100g

Doll Hair - mohair yarn

Beautiful, soft, mohair yarn - straight or bouclé - perfect as hair for doll making. 

50g = 50m, 100g = 100m

78% Mohair, 19% Wool, 3% Polyamide

‘Bouclé’ is the French word for a loop or curl and it refers to the small loops in the yarn.

Available in 50g or 100g in the following colourways:

Straight and Bouclé yarn:

  • Natural - the curly bouclé version is perfect for sheep fleece!
  • Burnt Orange 
  • Chestnut 
  • Dark Brown

Straight yarn:

  • Ash Blonde 
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Brown  

Bouclé yarn:

  • Golden Blonde
  • Black

 NB: although every effort has been made to represent the colours shown as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match as all images can vary when viewed on different screens and devices.

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