Hand Dyed Teeswater Curls 10g - various colours

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Hand Dyed Teeswater Curls - 10g

Curls are approximately 30 cm long (un-stretched)

We are so excited to finally be able to offer these lustrous, beautifully hand dyed Teeswater Curls for sale online! They are one of our best sellers at shows, and now we are able to get the same colour combinations in regularly, we are able to offer them to our online community too!

Someone once asked "What do you use these for?" ... Well, mermaid, witch and fairy hair, gnome and wizard beards, unicorn manes, foliage in pictures, adding richness to needle felted flowers, adding texture in wet felted items, inclusions into textile and fibre art, just for gazing at the juicy colours, the list is endless! We are totally inspired by the amazing colour combinations and they enhance whatever project they are added to...

There is a whole range of colours, have a look through the photos, we are sure you will find your favourites amongst them...

  • Burnt Orange (black / orange / ginger)
  • Cherry (red)
  • Citrus (yellow / green)
  • Mermaid (green / blue)
  • Rainbow (red / orange / yellow / green / blue / purple)
  • Rose (red / pink / purple / orange / yellow)
  • Silver Raspberry (pink / grey)
  • Strawberry Liquorice (red / black)
  • Turmeric (ginger)
  • Unicorn (pink / blue)
  • Wisteria (purple)

    Please note: these are a hand dyed natural product so while we try get as close a match as possible, colours and curls may vary slightly from batch to batch. 

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