Doll Making - Items tagged as "Toadstool"

View all 1.5cm 100% cotton 100% polyester thread 3 kings 3.5cm 6 ply accessories accessory advent alpaca Alpaca blend angel hair animal hair animal long hair apple white baby blue baby pink background backing basics beech beechwood begginer beginner beginner box beginner kit beginner pack beginner project beige beige curls blank blush pink book books boucle bright yellow british brown bubblegum bubblegum pink bullfinch red burgundy camel hair cat and dog charcoal grey cherry red chess set children christmas chrochet chunky clogs clothes clothing coat cockapoo cone doll core wool coton cotton cotton gauze cotton tube cotton tubing craft craft tool crafts crafty beginner cream creamy white crocheted crocheting crown crowns curls curly curly hair custard yellow cylinder dark brown dark pink dark skin decoration decorations dog dog hair doggie doll doll bodies doll fabric doll faces doll hair doll hands doll head doll house doll making doll needle doll needles doll's dollhouse dolls dolls house dolls hsir dolls needles dollshouse Dusky Pink dyed curls easy beginner embroidery embroidery silks extra strong fairy hair fairy tale fat quarter feet felt felt sheet female wooden doll figure fine hair flannel fleece foot fuchsia fur gauze ginger girl doll gnome hair Gnomes gold golden brown green grey grey curls groove grooved groovy hair hairstyle handmade hannah hannes hawthorn head decoration jersey jersey cotton kakao king king robin knitted folls knitting yarn knittjng lace weight lamb lambs large loopy locks legs light light beige light blue light brown curls light skin light yellow lilac linen linen-look locks long curls long needles long-haired longhaired cow loops loopy loopy locks luxury fibres luxury yarn making Making Peg Dolls making soft dolls male doll man-made medium gree medium green mermaid hair metal crown minature mixed colour curls mohair moss green mouse brown mushroom mustard mustard yellow muted orange nativity natural natural colour natural colours natural dye natural skin Natural white needle needles nepps pale blue pale blue pale lilac pale pine Pale pink peg peg doll peg dolls people peru picture Pictures pistachio polyester pony hair poodle poodle yarn popular prince princess puppenhaare puppet queen queen bee regal ringlets rose pink royal royal blue royalty rple run resistant rust brown Sage Green scissors sew sewing sheep sheep curls sheep fleece shoe shoes short curls silver Simple skin skin colour slate grey soft soft dolls soft toys starter starter box starter kit starter pack steiner stockinette strong thread stuffing sunny teddies teddy thin felt thread toadstool tool topcoat tubing valais velour velvet velveteen velvety waistcoat waldorf waldorf dolls wavey wavy wavy hair white curls witch hair wood wooden wooden cone wooden doll wooden dolls wooden mushroom wooden toys wool wool nepps wool viscose wool viscose felt wool with animal hair woolly coat yarn yarns