Felting Fibres - Items tagged as "Holly"

  • Batts - Great for 2D & 3D needle felting
  • Roving / Tops - Great for 2D felting and surface colouring
  • Core Wool - Felts and shapes quickly and easily and can be covered with other wools

For a more info on different wool types - click here for our guide to wool

View all 18 micron 21 micron 21 microns 25 micron 27 micron 29 mic 29 micron 29 microns 2d 34 micron 8 8 colour @gransonthemake accessories advent allergy allergy alert alpaca amethyst amethyst fairy angel angel hair Angelina fibre animal animal hair animal long hair animals apple apples aqua armature art assorted Australian Australian Merino Australian merino tops australian merino white Australian Natural White Australin Merino autumn baby baby badger baby bunnies baby pink baby rabbits backs badger bamboo bamboo fibre banana yellow bargain basic basic core wool basic needle felting bats batt batts bauble beads bear beard beaver bee bee mix bees beginner beginner kit beginner pack beige beige curls bengal Bergshaf berries berry bfl bight bird birds biscuit black black and grey black bird black cars black cat black cats black panther bleached white blossom blue blue faced leicester blue flecks blue shades blue speckle blue tops blue-tit bluefaced leicester bluetit bluey green bluey green body book bright bright colour bright colours bright green bright pink bright rainbow bright white bright wool mix bright yellow british british blue brooch brown brown black brown carded wool browny black browny red browny yellow brwn bulk bumble bumble bee bunnies burgundy burnt orange butteflies butterflies butterfly camel camel fleece camel hair Camel mix Canary Cappuccino caramel carded carded batts carded merino carded wool carrot cat charity poppies charity poppy cheap cheap core wool cherry cherry red chick chicken chicks chocolate brown Christmas Christmas pudding Christmas tree citron citrus claret claret red clay clouds coarse coarse wool cockapoo coffee colour range colours cookie core core wool corvid corvids cotswold country country sheep countryside craft crafternoon crafts crafty beginner cream creamy brown creamy white crimson curled up curled up fox curls curly curly hair custard yellow cute dachshund daffodil daffodil yellow daffodils dark dark blue dark brown dark brown tops dark chocolate dark green dark orange dark red Dark shades of brown darkest brown deep blue deep purple deep red deep red fox Deep Red Fox Variegated deep red variegated dog dog hair dolls dormice dormouse dormouse ochre Dragon dragonflies dragonfly dull orange DUSKY BROWN dusty brown dyed dyed batts dyed black dyed cotton dyed curls dyed merino dyed tops dyed tops / roving dyed wool Dyed wool batts dyedd earth easter easy egg yolk egg yolk yellow eisblau exotic wool mix extra fine face faces Fairies Fairy fairy accessories fairy hair fairy mix fairy wings fairy wool mix fast felting wool batts Father Christmas feet felt felted felting Felting mat felting wool felting wool batts felting wool mix feltng feltworksho ferret festive festive season fibre filling fine fine fibre fine fibres fine hair fine merino fine tops fireworks flamingo flamingo orange flamingo pink flecks fleece flesh flesh pink flesh tones flower flowers fluffy fluffy white foal forest Forest green fox fox brown fox orange Fox Orange Variegated fox red Fox Rust Brown Fox Rust Brown Variegated foxfoxy foxsheep foxy foxy mix French country sheep fresh green frost frosty fur garden garden birds garnet German gift ginger glitter glittery glossy glowing gnome gnome hair Gnomes goat gold golden golden brown golden orange golden retriever golden sand golden yellow gotland Gotland White grans on the make Grass grass green gray Green green colour palette green flecks green rainbow drops green shades green shimmer green tones green tops greenery greens greeny blue grey grey curls greys hair haired hand dyed hands Hare hares hawthorn heather hedgehog hen hoglet Holly honey honey bee honey bees horse horses horses mane hot pink humans Humbug humbug roving ice ice blue ice cream ice cream pink icy irridescent jackdaw jacobs jacobs humbug jet black karakul karakul honey kit Kitten noses labrador lamb landscape landscape picture landscape picture colours landscape picture kit lanolin lanolin allergy lanolin free lanolin rich lanolin rich core large animal wire armature large fox lavender Leaf Leaves leicester leicester curls lemon lemon yellow Lichen lichen gree light light beige light blue light blue green light brown light brown curls light grey light pink light purple light shades of brown light turquoise light yellow like silk lilac lime lime green little fish little fishies little fishies wool mix loaghtan local locks long fibre long fibred love love fairy lurid green lustre lustrous luxury luxury fibres Mad march hare madder magic magic dragon magical Makers makerss makerss box fox Makerss Make-Along makerss mixed bag making making curls Making needle felted animals Making Simple Needle Felts mane manes manx manx loaghtan march madness maron materials mauve Mediterranean medium medium blue medium brown Medium brown tops medium fine medium orange merino merino tops mermaid mermaid hair mermaids metal metallic mice mid brown midnight milk chocolate milksheep mint green mix mixed mixed bag mixed wool mixes mocha mohair mole mole colour moles moonstone moss mother of pearl mountain sheep mountainsheep mouse mouse brown mouse white mr mole mulitcolour multi multi colour multi tone multicolor multitone multitone tops mushroom mushroom brown mustard mustard yellow muted colours muted green muted orange muted rainbow muted yellow mystic natural natural black natural colour natural colours natural core wool natural dye natural dyed natural green natural orange natural tops Natural white natural wool batts natural wool mix nature natursl colour navy blue needle needle felt Needle Felt mix needle felted bee needle felted bumble bee needle felted fox needle felted honey bee needle felting needle felting wool needlefelt needles neon Neon Green neon pink neon wool mix nepps new new zealand new zealand merino non allergenic nursery ochre off white off-white olive green orange orange red orange tones orange tops orange variegated orangemuted orange oranges organic otter owl pale blue pale brown Pale Brown Tops pale colours pale green pale pink Pansy flowers parrot pastel pastel palette pastel rainbow pea green peacock Peas pebbles penguin people person pet pewter pick n mix picnic picture pictures Piglets pine Pine trees pink pink lips pinky purple plant plant dyed plants plum tones polyester polyester fibre pom pom poodle poodle yarn Poppies poppy popular port merino portuguese merino poseable mice protect the bees pudding pumpkin pure black pure white purple rabbit rabbits rainbow rainbow blue rainbow colour rainbow colours rainbow drops rainbow mix rainbow of hope rainbow tops Ramie rare breeds rat ratty Raven red red brown red fox red squirrel reddish brown reddy brown reds refreshing green reindeer reindeer nose remembrance rich brown rich purple river robin robins roving royal blue royal purple ruby rust rust brown rusty ryeland ryland sample sandy sari sausage dog scene sea seashell seaside seasonal seasonalwinter selection shades shaggy shaping sheep sheep and lamb sheep curls sheep fleece sheep wool shetland shimmer shiny short short fibres silk silklike silklikelike silk silky silver silver fox silvery Simple simple honey bee skin skin colour skin tones skintone sky sky blue slate sleeping sliver slivers sloth smooth snoozing fox snow snowman soft soft toy soft white soil south american south american tops South german south German merino space dyed sparkle sparkles sparkly sparkly stuff sparklysparkle special effects spice spikes spikey spiky spinning spring spring blossom spring green squirrel stalks standard standing fox starter starter box starter kit starter mix starter pack steel stone sheep stone sheep lamb stonelamb stonesheep stonesheep lamb strawberry stripes stripey stripey roving stripy strong stuffing summer sun sun gold Sunflower Sunflower Fairy sunflowers sunny sunset sunshine supply surprise box sweetie jar synthetic synthetic tops teddy teddy bear Teeswater Curls texel textel textile texture the makers the Makerss thunder tones top tops topstop tree blossom trees tropical tropical fish tropical wool mix turmeric turquoise tutorials un-dyed undyed unicorn unicorn mane valais Valais Sheep and Lamb variegated variegated brown variegated green various vegan vegetation verdant very fine vibrant violet vivid green vole warm warm brown water water blue water colours water fairy waterfall wavy weaving wensleydale wensleydale curls wet wet felt wet felting wet felting flowers wet felting starter mix wet wool mix white white batt white curls white shimmer white snow wildlife wind in the willows wine wine red winter winter landscape winter wool winter wreath wire armature wire haired wisteria witch witch hair wizard wood woodland woods wool wool and silk mix wool batts wool mix wool mixes wool pack wool tops wool tops south american wool with animal hair woolly woolly coat wren xmas yellow yellow tones yellow tops yellowy brown yellowy orange yoke yellow zest zesty zingy wool mix