Manx Loaghtan - natural wool tops

The Makerss

SKU: FW-TOPSmaxloughtan50

Manx Loaghtan Natural Tops/Roving comes in long fibred strands.

Amazing natural ginger tones, from a rare breed sheep with 4 (sometimes 6) horns!

The roving is particularly suitable to wrap around wire armature to cover thinly and evenly.

As featured in our April Surprise Subscription Box

Perfect for needle felting, surface decoration and wet felting.

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The Makerss are Sophie Buckley and Steffi Stern, co-authors of two books: Making Needle Felted Animals (2015) and Making Simple Needle Felts (2018). All kits are carefully designed by us and hand packed in the UK. We love everything that is wool. We hope our experience and enthusiasm will encourage your journey into the world of needle felting. We have all the supplies you will need to thrive in this wonderful hobby. We only use what we love and we hope you will love it too. 

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