Kits and Packs (excluding Subs Boxes)

View all 2d 2D felting 3d advanced felter Aelia anemone angel angel wings angelic animal animals antarctic arctic armature atlantic puffin autumn baby baby hedgehog baby owls badger bare bare hug bare hugs barn barn owl basic needle felting batts bauble baubles bay beach beak bear bear hug beard begginer beginner beginner box beginner kit beginner pack beginner project big beard bird bird feet bird needle felting kit birds birds feet birdwatching black & tan black and tan black and white bird black nose lamb black nose sheep blacknose lamb blacknose sheep blossom blue blue tit blue-tit bluetit boots box british British Bird British farm animals british landscape British Seabird British Wildlife brooch brooch pins brooches bug in a mug bunnies bunny Burns night butterfly butterfly painting pack canine card cat cat protection cat's protection cats character characters chick christmas Christmas Decorations Christmas pudding Christmas tree coast coastal life cold colourful comical bird complete beginner cool country country living countryside countryside picture craft craft group craft kit cats craft pack crafternoon crafts crafty crafty beginner cub cuddle cuddly teddy cuddly toy curled up curled up fox curled up hedgehog cute dachs dachshound dachshund Dartmoor dashhound dashhund dashound daxie decorations design discount dog doggie doggy dogs doll doll kit dollie dolls dolly domestic animals door ornament doormouse dormice dormouse dormouse ochre dormouse tail dumpy Ealia easy easy beginner easy project Eelia elf elves end of summer fabric fairies fairy Fairy Kit fairy tale fairy tale creature fairy wings family fantasy farm farm animal farm animals farming farming stock feathers felt felted felting Felting mat festive figure filly fine bill fingers fish fishing flat fledgling flower flower brooch pins flower fairy flowers forest forestr Forget me not fox fox red foxy mix Fratercula Atlantica frosty fun garden garden animal garden bird garden birds gel gelled German sheep gift girl doll gnome Gnomes gothic gourdes green guardian halloween hand hands hands with fingers hare hares Harvest harvest festival harvest mice harvest mouse hats heather heaven hedgehog hedgehog fabric hedghog hegdehog hegehog helper hill hoggie hoggy hoglet Hogmanay holly homer hoof hooves horse house howling wolf hug hughie hugs ice image imp insect intermediate intermediate pack january2021sale jungle animal kingfisher kit kits ladybird ladybug lake lamb land nesting bird landscape landscape kit landscape picture landscape picture colours landscape picture kit large barn owl large fox large hare large ladybird large leaping hare large wire hare leaping hare little owls live stream livestock lollipop loud machoggie machoggy Mad march hare Made with love magical magical figure make along make-along Makers makerss makerss box fox Makerss Mug making needle felted animals man mane March hare mare material mchoggie mchoggy merino mice mischief missis missus mister model mohair mohair fabric mole mole family moles moorland mothering sunday mothers day mountain scene mouse moustache mr mr mole mrs mug mystery native nature Naughty gnome needle needle felt Needle Felt Kit Needle Felt Pack needle felted animals needle felted bird needle felted fox needle felting Needle Felting Kit NEEDLEFELT needles night bird noel norway nymph ocean october owl owlet owlets owls pack pack and tool kit packs painting with wool pair of wings pansy Pansy brooch pansy flower Pansy flowers party pattern peacock butterfly Pembrokeshire Sea bird penguin people people and characters pet pets picture pinguin pipe cleaners pixie pony Poppies poppy poppy flower Poppy landscape popular pose-able poseable poseable mice prickles prickly Princess Princess Aelia project Puffin pufin pumpkin pumpkins pup puppy pups rabbit rainforest red reindeer river river bird robin robin bauble robins santa santa jacket santa suit sausage dog scandinavia scare crow scene schwartznasen Schwartznasenschaf Scot Scotland Scottie Scottish sea sea bird sea life sea lion seabird seal sealife sealion seaside seasonal sett sheep sheep and lamb short short haired shorthair shorthaired silky clay Simple skewbald skin sleeping sleeping mouse sloth sloth and baby sloth kit sloths small kit small kits smooth haired smoothhair smoothhaired snoozing fox snow snowdrop sprite snowman snowmen soft dolls spike spikes spikey spiky spirit spring spring gnome spring landscape sprite sprite wings Sprites squash standing mice starter starter box starter kit starter pack stream streams summer summer landscape summerspring sunflowers surprise sweden Swiss Sheep tan tawny owl teddy teddy bear template the Makerss tiggywinkle tiny toadstool toadstools tomte tomten tops tree tree decoration trees trick or treat tropical rainforest Valais Valais Sheep and Lamb valley wall hanging warm warm landscape water water bird water birds waterfall waterfowl webbed feet webbed foot white white mice white owl wiener wild wild animal wild dog wildfowl wildlife wings winter winter landscape wire armature wire hands witches fingers wolf wolves woodland woodland animals woodland wreath wool wool pack wreath xmas yellow