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View all 100% cotton 22 26 2d 32 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm a2 accessories advent aluminium amber animals antennae apple white armature assorted baby blue background backing badge badger bag balm bark bark slice base basics batts beads beak bee bees beeswax beginner beige bendable birch birch wood slice bird birds birds legs black black pipe cleaners blue blush pink booklet bright yellow brooch brooch back brooch backs brown brown black bumper bunting butterflies calendar calendar 2020 cats eyes cheap core wool cherry red chicken chord christmas claw claws clay cleaner clear drying glue clear eyes clogs clothes coconut coconut shell coil container copper core cotton cotton bag covered craft cream creamy white curls curly hair dark brown dark skin decoration decorations display display stand display wood dissolvable dog tag doll doll bodies doll fabric doll faces doll hands doll making doll needle doll needles dolls dormouse dormouse tail dragon eyes dyed easy embroidery eurowire extra extra strong pipe cleaners eyes fabric fat quarter feet felt felt sheet felters felting Felting mat flannel flat eyes florist flower Flower stamen Flower stem flowerpot flowers fluff fluffy foot fox frog frog eyes frost frosty fuchsia garden gauge gel gelled get started with felting gift gift tag glass glasses glitter glittery glue glue in eyes glue pen glue-in glue-on gnome Gnomes goat gold green green eyes Green wire grip hair half felt handmade heartshape hedgehog hedgehog fabric hessian horse horse hair horsehair ice in instructions jersey jersey cotton jewellery wire kakao Kitten noses legs light beige light brown light skin lilac lilac pink long needles machine made with love Makerss Bag Makerss Calendar mat material materials medium gree merino metal mice mie mixed mohair motif mouse hands mouse paws mushroom natural natural skin natural wood natural wood slice needle needle felting instructions needles nepps no-sew nose noses orange pack pale blue pale blue pale pine Pale pink paper paste pattern paws peg people picture Pictures piece pin pink pink pipe cleaner pink pipe cleaners pipe pipe cleaner pipe cleaners piste plant plantpot polar bear polyester popular pose able poseable poseable mice pot pre-felt prefelt prickles puppet pva glue rice filled hessian mat royal blue run resistant rust brown safety sage green sample seal SEWING shell shells shoe shoes short silk clay silver birch silver tag skeleton ski ski slope skiing skin colour skis snake eyes snow snowing soft soft toys soluable soluble sparkle sparkly spikes spikey spiky spring wreath stall stamen stand standing badger standing fox standing mice steel stem stems stemtex stick it stick on stick on eyes stockinette strong stuffing tacky glue tag tape taster textiles the Makerss Calendar thin thin felt thin wire thread toad toadstall toadstalls toadstool Tote bag uk un-dyed undyed various velour velvet velvety waistcoat water water soluble water soluble paper wax wet wet felt wet felting whiskers white white mice winter winter wreath wire wire armature wire wreath witch hair wood wood base wood plinth wood slice wood slices wooden wooden board wooden mushroom wooden plinth wool wool nepps wool viscose wool viscose felt wrapping wreath xmas yellow yellow eyes yellowy green