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View all #earthfriendlyfeltingmat #earthmat 100% wool 14 box set 14g tin 22 26 2d 2D felting 3 kings 32 36 38 3D 3D shapes 3mm 40 4mm 5 5mm 6mm 7 7x needle holder 8 a2 a3 a4 a5 A5 box A5 Box Stak a6 A6 box accessories accessory advent advent box aluminium amber angel angel wings animal animal eyes animal hair animals antennae armature assorted attach awl background backing badge badger bag balm Bamboo bamboo basket bamboo hoop bamboo length bamboo stick bargain bark bark slice base basic basics basket batts beads beak beaks beech beechwood bees wax bees wax balm beeswax beeswax balm beeswax heart beginner beginner box beginner pack beginner tool kit beige bendable bendy wire biodegradable birch birch wood slice bird bird legs birds birds legs black black pipe cleaners blank blank eyes blue booklet box brooch brooch back brooch backs brooch pins brown brown black brush brush mat brushes bubble wrap budget bug in a mug bumper bundle bunting burgundy butterflies cabachon cabochon cabuchon calandars calander calanders calendar calendars calender calenders card carders carding carry case cat basket cat eyes cats eyes cheap core wool chenille chess set chicken chinese bamboo chinese hoop chord Christmas Christmas decoration hoop Christmas Decorations circle claw claws clay cleaner cleaning brush clear box clear drying glue clear eyes clear jar clear plastic box clearance cloak clogs clothes clothing Clover coarse coarse needle coconut coconut shell coil color colour colourful compostable cone cone doll container copper copper wire core core felt cotton cotton bag cotton rainbow cotton thread countryside picture covered covering wire craft craft basket craft tool crafts crafty beginner cream cross star cross stitch crown crowns cup cup of tea cuppa curls curly hair custard yellow cylinder dark brown decoration decorations decorative degradable degradeable delicate wings discounted display display shelf display stand display wood dissolvable divided box DL box DL stak dog armature dog tag doll doll eyes doll making dolls dolls house dolls house basket dormouse dormouse tail dragon eyes dragonfly wings dream catcher dreamcatcher dyed Earth Earth friendly earth mat earth mat brush earth mat cleaner earth matt Easter sale Easy easy beginner eco eco felting mat eco friendly eco mat eco mat brush embroidery embroidery hoop empty box empty storage jar environmentally friendly ergonomic essential starter tool kit eurowire extra extra strong extra strong pipe cleaners eye eye hole eye socket eyes fabric fabric wings fairy fairy wings feet felt felt mat felt sheet felted felters felting felting fibre felting hoop Felting mat felting needle handles felting wool mat female wooden doll figure Filzmatte gross fine fine needle finger protectors firm base felting mat firm wire Five flat flat backed flat eyes flat felting flat mat flexible wire floral tape florist flower flower brooch pins Flower stamen Flower stem flowerpot flowers Fluff Grip fluff remover fluffy foot fox frame friendly frog frog eyes frost frosty fruit basket garden gauge gel gelled get started with felting gift gift tag gift wrapped girl doll glass glass eyes glasses glitter glittery gloves glue glue in eyes glue on glue pen glue-in glue-on glue-on eyes gnome Gnomes goat gold gold pin green green eyes Green wire groove grooved groovy Groz Beckert hair hair remover half felt hand hand woven handle hands hanging hanging bar Happy Place Happy Place Mug head decoration heartshape hedgehog hedgehog fabric hessian hexagon shelf hexagonal shelf unit hoggie Holder hole holes honeycomb horns horse horse armature horse hair horse tail hair horse wire horsehair horses horses mane horsetail ice in In My Happy Place insect instructions instructions bundle january sale jewellery wire king king robin kit kit felting mat Kitten noses ladybug landscape landscape needle felting landscape picture large large animal wire armature large brush mat leaf Leaf ribbon leaf trim leather finger and thumb protectors leaves legs light brown light shelf lightweight wire lilac lizard eyes long wire luxury Luxury Tool Kit machine made with love magic dragon wire Makerss Bag Making Peg Dolls male doll mat mat cleaner material materials materials and tools medium medium needle medium wire megamix merino metal metal crown metal wings metallic mice mie minature mini basket mixed mixing mobile frame model wings modelling clay modelling wax modelling wire mohair mohair fabric moss green motif mouse hands mouse paws mug mugs multi multi needle tool multi storage multi tool mushroom nativity natural natural wood natural wood slice nature needle needle felt needle felt tool kit needle felting needle felting instructions needle felting mat needle Felting pad needle felts needle feting tool kit needle handle needle holder needle holders needle storage needle tool needlefelt needles needles and pins needles caddy needles storage new year sale no-sew nose noses off white orange organise organza Organza wings outfit pack pad pair of wings pale lilac Pale pink paper paste pattern paws peg peg doll peg doll clothes peg dolls pen tool people pet picture Pictures piece pin pin storage pincushion pink pink pipe cleaner pink pipe cleaners pipe pipe cleaner pipe cleaners pipecleaner pipecleaners piste plain box plant plantpot plastic box plastic brush plastic jar plastic wet felting mat pliable wire plywood polar bear pole pony pony hair pony tail ponytail popular pose able poseable poseable mice pot pre order pre-felt prefelt preorder pressed prickles prince princess projects Prym pva glue queen queen bee rainbow rainbow colour rainbow colours rainbow thread recycled reduced regal reptile eyes reverse needle ribbon rice rice filled hessian mat ring roller rolling pin round eyes royal royalty rubber brush safety safety pin sale sample satin satin ribbon scissors sculpt sculpting seal seven seven needle tool sewing sewing machine shaping shelf shelf unit shell shells shelves shoe shoes short silicon silicone silicone brush silk silk clay silk clay modelling silky wings silver silver birch silver tag single needle tool skeleton Skeleton leaves ski ski slope skiing skis slcker slicker sloth sloth stick small basket small brush mat snake eyes snow snowing soft soft top felting mat soft wax soft white soluable soluble sparkle sparkly sparkly rainbow sparkly stuff sparklysparkle spectacles spikes spikey spiky spool spring wreath sprite sprite wings stack stak stall stamen stand standard needle standing badger standing fox standing mice starter starter box starter kit starter pack starter tool kit steel steel wire stem stems stemtex stick it stick on stick on eyes sticky sticky balm stiff wire stockinette storage storage box storage idea storage ideas storage jar storage shelf store strong strong wire structural felt supply surprise sweet jar sweetie jar tacky glue tag tape taster teasing textiles thick felt thick felting mat thin thin felt thin wire Thread Three tiggywinkle tin to go toad toadstall toadstalls toadstool tool tool box tool box on the go tool box set tool kit tool pack tool storage tools tops Tote bag tree slice trio trug twisted needle twisted star uk un-dyed undyed unit various velour very fine needle waistcoat water water felting mat water soluble water soluble paper watersoluble wax wet wet felt wet felting wet felting mat wet felting rolling pin whiskers white white mice white thread wildlife wings winter winter wreath wire wire armature wire bird legs wire hare wire legs wire wreath witch hair wodden roller wood wood base wood plinth wood roller wood slice wood slices wooden wooden board wooden cone wooden display shelf wooden doll wooden dolls wooden frame wooden hoop wooden mushroom wooden plinth wooden roller wooden shelf wooden toys wool wool felt mat wool mat wool storage wool viscose wool viscose felt woven wrapping wreath xmas yellow yellow eyes yellowy green