Beeswax Balm for modelling claws, beaks, and helping wrapped armature stick

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Beeswax Balm

New! Brown and Black Colours as well as our original Natural (Light)

After plenty of trial and error, it is finally here! Lucky batch 13 Beeswax Balm.

A balm made from beeswax and a blend of other European waxes and oils as well as lavender essential oil, and lanolin; which can be used for:

  • Creating a firmer look for claws and beaks from just wool and the wax
  • Helping wool to stick and stay in place when wrapping armature

No need to melt this wax. Simply scrape off what you need with a teaspoon or the back of your thumbnail, and it softens in your hands to become pliable and slightly sticky. This creates a firm to the touch finish, which can be re-shaped through just the heat in your hands. You will receive printed step by step instructions of how to make claws and beaks with your wax. If you would like a more permanent finish (one that cant be remodeled after warming in your hands) you may be interested in the hot melt wax we are developing... watch this space!

This wax has a low melting point so keep away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.

24g WAX ONLY option: You will receive 24g wax (three heart shapes) plus printed instructions. 

14g / 24g WAX IN TIN option: You will receive your beeswax balm in a handy tin plus instructions

We would love to know what you think of this new product, all feedback gratefully received at

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