Beeswax Balm - for shaping claws and beaks

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*Please note: there are no nut containing ingredients in the beeswax balm, however the wax is produced in an area where nuts are used.*

This is our own tried and tested recipe, made in house and only available from us! A balm made from beeswax and a blend of other European waxes and oils as well as lavender essential oil, and lanolin; which can be used for:

  • Creating a firmer look for claws and beaks from just wool and the wax
  • Helping wool to stick and stay in place when wrapping armature

No need to melt this wax. Simply scrape off what you need with a teaspoon or the back of your thumbnail, and it softens in your hands to become pliable and slightly sticky. This creates a firm to the touch, slightly tacky finish, which can be re-shaped through just the heat in your hands. You will receive printed step by step instructions of how to make claws and beaks with your wax. 

Two options:

  1. 24g WAX ONLY option: You will receive 24g wax (three heart shapes) plus printed instructions.
  2. 14g WAX IN TIN option: You will receive your beeswax balm in a handy tin plus instructions

NB: This wax has a low melting point so keep away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.

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