Mohair Hedgehog Fabric

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SKU: MT-HedgehogFABRICONLY-24x24small

Mohair Hedgehog Fabric is a luxury fabric made from mohair that has been gelled to created distinctive spikes, perfect for making hedgehogs of course!

This product comes in three sizes, each with a different spike length, enabling you to choose the most appropriate to suit the proportions of your particular project. 

  • SMALL: 24 x 24cm piece
    Short spike length = approx. 10mm

  • MEDIUM: 28 x 28cm piece
    Medium spike length = approx. 18mm

  • LARGE: 32 x 32cm piece
    Long spike length = approx. 23mm

Please note that this product is fabric only and does NOT include any instructions or templates!

You can purchase our Small, Medium or Large Hedgehog project instructions separately. Each piece will give you enough to make four hedgehogs (of the corresponding size) when following our instructions.

To make your hedgehog you will also need:

Of course, you can certainly freestyle your own hedgehog design using this fabric... or even come up with non-hedgehog projects too! 

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