Silk Clay Skin Tones Multipack (6 x 14g)

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SKU: MT-Silkclay-SkinTonesMultipack

Silk Clay Skin Tones Multipack
Set of 6 x 14g mini tubs in a range of skin-toned shades. Also includes a modelling tool.

Silk Clay is a fantastic addition to any crafter's stash!  You can use it to make features for your felties, such as hands, feet, noses, beaks, horns... if you can think of it, you can model it!

This Multipack is great as you get 6 shades in one product, ideal for your human and animal makes!  You can also mix the colours together to create the perfect shade you need!  Blend well to create a smooth, even tone or only a little to create an interesting marbled effect.

  • Air drying
  • Lightweight  - it won't make your item top-heavy when used for noses, beaks, etc.
  • Flexible, rubber-like texture
  • Dries in 2-24 hours
  • You can paint it, or colour it with sharpies

When using Silk Clay, make sure to close the lids when not in use as not to dry out the product.

Take a look at our Silk Clay tutorial for help with making noses, beaks, claws, teeth, horns, ears... you can even make a needle handle from it!

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