These packs contain materials and instructions - you will need your own tools.
View all 2d 2d felting accessories animal animals awl baby deer baby doll baby doll's house doll baby hedgehog base beginner beginner pack bird birds legs bumper pack Burns night butterfly butterfly painting pack californian otter cattle character coastal common otter countryside cow craft curled up hedgehog dachshund dachshund trio deer design dog doggie doggy dogs doll doll making doll's house doll's house dolls dolls easy easy beginner easy project enhydra lutris eurasian eye eye hole eye socket eyes fabric family farm animals fawn felt felting garden gel gelled german dog gift hand hands Hannah Hannes heather hedgehog hedgehog fabric highland cattle highland cow hoggie hoggy hoglet Hogmanay hole holes holly homer hoof hooves horn horns howl hughie jersey kit legs live stream long-haired longhaired cow Lutra lutra machoggie machoggy makerss box fawn Makerss workshop making needle felted animals Making soft dolls material materials materials pack mchoggie mchoggy mohair moon multi needle tool nature needle needle felt Needle Felt Pack needle felting needle felting pack needlefelt otter otters owl pacific pack pack and tool kit packs painting with wool pattern peacock butterfly pet picture Pictures pipe cleaners popular poseable raven sausage dog Scot Scotland Scottie Scottish scottish cow sealife sew sew along sewing short short-haired silhouette silk clay hooves silk clay modelling silky clay skin soft dolls spikes spikey spiky steffi steffi stern stockinette stuffing wool Sunny supply tiny baby trikot velour virtual workshop waldorf dolls wildlife wire wire armature wire hands wire-haired wolf woodland wool workshop workshop packs wreath youtube