These packs contain materials and instructions - you will need your own tools.
View all 2D 2d felting 7 7x needle holder accessories advanced felter angel animal animal eyes animals atlantic puffin autumn awl baby hedgehog barn barn owl base basic needle felting bay beak beginner beginner box beginner kit beginner pack beginner project bird bird feet birds birds feet birds legs birdwatching black and white bird black nose lamb black nose sheep blacknose lamb blacknose sheep box british British Bird British farm animals british landscape British Seabird British Wildlife bug in a mug Burns night butterfly butterfly painting pack cabochon cat eyes cats eyes character characters christmas coast coastal life comical bird complete beginner countryside craft crafty crafty beginner curled up hedgehog Dartmoor design doll doll eyes dragon eyes easy beginner easy project elf end of summer eye eye hole eye socket eyes fabric fairies fairy family farm farm animal farm animals farming stock felt felting filly fingers flat eyes forest Fratercula Atlantica frog eyes garden garden animal gel gelled German sheep gift glass eyes glue-on eyes gnome gourdes green eyes Halloween hand hands hands with fingers Harvest heather hedgehog hedgehog fabric helper hoggie hoggy hoglet Hogmanay hole holes holly homer hoof hooves horse house hughie insect intermediate pack kit ladybird ladybug lamb land nesting bird large barn owl large ladybird legs live stream livestock lizard eyes lollipop machoggie machoggy make along make-along Makerss Mug Making needle felted animals mane mare material materials mchoggie mchoggy missis missus mister mohair moorland moustache mr mrs mug multi needle tool mystery native nature needle needle felt Needle Felt Pack needle felted animals needle felted bird needle felting needlefelt night bird norway nymph ocean october owl owls pack pack and tool kit packs painting with wool pattern peacock butterfly Pembrokeshire Sea bird people people and characters pet picture Pictures pipe cleaners pony popular poseable project Puffin pufin pumpkin pumpkins reptile eyes river round eyes scandinavia scare crow schwartznasen Schwartznasenschaf Scot Scotland Scottie Scottish sea sea bird sea life seabird sealife seasonal seven seven needle tool sheep and lamb short silk clay modelling silky clay skewbald skin snake eyes spikes spikey spiky sprite squash starter starter box starter kit starter pack stick on eyes stream summer supply surprise sweden Swiss Sheep tawny owl tiggywinkle tomte tomten trick or treat Valais Valais Sheep and Lamb valley wall hanging water water bird waterfall webbed feet webbed foot white owl wild wildlife wings wire wire armature wire hands witches fingers woodland woodland animals wool wool pack wreath yellow eyes