Wire bird legs - various sizes and colours

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Wire birds legs

Black legs - 2cm wide across toes x5cm high - come as single legs which you glue in seperately as described in our photo tutorial or description below.

White legs - 2.5 x 4.5 cm - come as a joined pair which are great for stability. You can clip theem with pliers if you wish to seperate them). Keep your feltie nice and soft, hold the legs down on the table, and wiggle the feltie onto them. (You may need to make a hole with your needle as below) Add glue to fix.

For a free photo tutorial of how to glue in the wire birds legs click here

How to glue in our Wire Birds Legs:
You will glue the legs in underneath your bird, slightly towards the back (see images). There will be a space of approx 2-4cm between the two legs, depending on the size of your bird.
Simply make a hole with an awl, thin knitting needle other sharp implement, then position the leg inside. Check that the bird stands up, then pull the legs out just slightly, and add a bit of glue near the body, pushing the leg back in and turning it a little to distribute the glue.
You can add wool 'bloomers' if you like to give the legs more stability, simple by wrapping a little wool around the top of the leg and felting into place.
Our wire bird legs are sturdy, though can be bent with pliers. In the photo with the bluetit and wren, the legs of both birds are bent forwards at the knee, and backwards at the ankle to mimic real birds legs. It is hard to show in the photo but the knee bend is at the point that the leg enters the body. We have also wrapped them with brown florist tape for a realistic look in the wren photo.
The white legs can be separated at the back and shortened if necessary. You could also paint them in your desired colour. 

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