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View all 100% Shetland 100% wool 2021 calendar 4 ply animal animals august fairy baby baby deer bamboo bargain barn owl basic needle felting batt batts bee mix beeswax beginner beginner kit beginner pack bird birds birds legs bluefaced Kerry Hill Bo Peep book box bright colours bright wool mix brights mix british brooch backs bumper bumper pack bundle Burns night calendar calendars calender calenders character cheap core wool clearance core core wool craft crafts curls dachshund dachshund trio deer discounted DK dog doggie doggy dogs doll dormouse double knit dyed dyed tops / roving easy fairy fairy box Falkland Island family fawn felt felt sheet felted felting Felting mat garden german dog Get started with Needle Felting glue in eyes gnome heather hoggie hoggy hoglet Hogmanay holly homer hughie instructions january sale january2021sale July fairy jungle kit knit knitting knitting books knitting patterns knitting wool knitting yarn light brown long curls long-haired luxury yarn machoggie machoggy made with love makerss box makerss box fawn making needle felted animals Making Simple Needle Felts mat mchoggie mchoggy merino mice mie mixed colour curls mobile mushroom colours natural natural wool mix nature needle needle felt Needle Felt Pack needle felting Needle Felting Kit needle felting pack needle felts needlefelt needles nepps new year sale Nylon October orange owl owlets owls pack packs paper pattern patterns pink pipe cleaner pipe cleaners poppies poppy poppy fairy poseable pre-felt prefelt rainforest RE:TREAT reduced reduced price roving sale Sale item sale price sausage dog Scot Scotland Scottie Scottish Shetland short curls short-haired silky clay sloth sloths slow soft felt sprite starter starter box Stock clearance stripey roving Sunflower Sunflower Fairy texture texture pack the Makerss toddler tree tropical virtual workshop wall hanging water soluble wild rose Wild Rose Fairy wildlife wire wire armature wire-haired woodland wool wool bag wool mix wool nepps wool tops workshop workshop packs wreath yarn yarns