Lucky Dip Surplus Mini-Makerss Box from previous few months - with tools

The Makerss

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Lucky Dip!

You will receive a one-off Mini-Makerss Box from our last few months which includes tools - you will not know which box you are getting! The last few months projects are: Plesiosaurs, Daisies or Toadstool Pincushions...

  • All boxes contain all instructions and materials needed to complete the project - all projects suitable for complete beginners
  • Foam mat and 3 felting needles included
  • Great if you would like to try out our boxes, without the need to commit to subscribing (though of course you can afterwards!)
  • Buy two boxes and save even more - using the drop down box options! If you order more than one box, we will try to make sure you do not get the same one twice.
  • We usually sell these one-off boxes at £12 as there is a huge amount of value in them, however in the Japanese lucky bag tradition we are selling them for £9 each - or £7 each if you buy two using the drop down box!
  • Only very limited stocks available so be quick!