Seasonal Book Box - Making Simple Needle Felts

The Makerss


Receive a box every season either for a year or for a single season, with up to 10 projects per season individually packed and ready for you to follow the instructions in the book. Starts with the current season project box (see release/postage dates below).

  • First box includes tools if subscribing for a year, tools included in single purchased boxes.
  • 7-10 projects per season, containing materials required packaged by season 
  • Spring Box projects are: Baby Bunny, Simple Butterflies, Red Hen with Chicks, Primroses, Simple Blue tit with legs, Baby Barn Owl, Spring Sprite with legs, Fairy (hanging)
  • Summer Book projects are: Dragonfly, Rose Fairy and Roses, Strawberry Girl and Strawberry, Bees, Mouse, Mermaid or Merboy, Hedgehog
  • Autumn Box projects: Spider, Apple Girl, Apple, Toadstool Boy, Toadstool and Mushrooms, Autumn Leaf, Snail, Acorns, Gnome, Pinecone Gnome
  • Winter box projects are: Father Christmas, Snowman, Robin, Bauble & Christmas Pudding, and the Nativity including Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Donkey, Sheep & Lamb and Angel
  • Delivered to your door every 3 months for one year if on subscription
  • Ideal for beginners, a range of projects to suit and advance your skills including some ideal to craft with younger children
  • Use the projects to create seasonal displays, garlands, wreaths, gifts and to develop your own ideas
  • £240 for a whole year (4 boxes) including your signed book. (£223 without book if you already have it - you will need the book for the instructions)
  • Box posting dates: Spring Box from 1st February - 30th April, Summer Box 1st May - 31st July, Autumn Box 1st August - 31st October, Winter Box 1st November - 28th February
  • Pay the full amount up front, and receive your boxes through the year, in November (Winter), February (Spring), May (Summer), and August (Autumn) and save up to £23
  • Or buy boxes by seasons for £62 (without book) or £77 (with book)
  • Book Boxes outside their season may not be available to purchase at that time. 

If you have any questions please call 01453 839454