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View all 100% Shetland 100% wool 2d felting 4 ply Alpaca wool amethyst animal animals Aran baby bargain basic core wool batts beeswax beginner beginner kit belmont birds legs blue bluefaced Kerry Hill bluefaced leicester bluey green Bo Peep body book bright pink British Alpaca brooch backs brown bumper bumper pack bundle Burnt orange candyfloss cheap core wool cherry Christmas coral core cornflower craft crochet crochet hook crocheting crystal crystals curls display DK Double Knit double point dusty miller dyed dyedd easy beginner ex display Fairies fairy Falkland Island Falkland wool fast felting wool batts felt felt sheet felting festive flesh frost frosty Gemstones geode geodes glue in eyes gnome Gnomes goldfinch Green green colour palette greens greeny blue hank hanks hat hollyberry honey hydrangea ice kingfisher kit kits knit knit & natter knitting knitting books knitting needle knitting patterns knitting wool knitting yarn luxury yarn made with love magic mat materials melby merino mice mie milk bottle mix mocha multi natural needle needle felt needle felting needlefelt needles noel norwick Nylon olive orange packs Pale pink paper pattern patterns pet pheasant pink pipe cleaner pomegranate popular purple rainbow rainbow tops RE:TREAT red rock crystals rocks rose quartz sale scarf seafield seasonal seasonalwinter selection Shetland shetland island Skin snow snowman snowmen sparkle sullom supply teal The Croft toddler tops Tweed water soluble west yorkshire spinners white snow wildlife winter wire wool wool tops wreath xmas yarn yarns yellow yorkshire wool