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View all 2d 2d felting amethyst animal animals armature autumn baby baby hedgehog baby owls badger bare bare hug bare hugs bargain barn owl basic basic core wool basics batts bear bear hug bee bee pack beginner beginner kit beginner pack beginner project bird birds blossom blue tit blue-tit bluetit box bright colours bright wool mix brights mix british british seal brooch brooch pins brooches bubblegum bumble bee bunnies bunny butterflies butterfly butterfly painting pack Care care pack cat cathedral amethyst cats cattle chicken chickens christmas Christmas Decorations Christmas tree coast coastal common grey seal cool country country living countryside cow craft crafts crystal crystals cuddle curled up curled up fox curled up hedgehog cute dark purple design display dog dogs domestic animals doormouse dormice dormouse dyed easy easy beginner easy project ewe ex display fabric Fairies fairy farm farm animals farming farmyard fast felting wool batts felt felted felting Felting mat festive fish fishing flat flower flowers foxy mix frost frosty fun garden garden birds gel gelled Gemstones geode geodes Get started with Needle Felting gift gift pack gnome Gnomes golden yellow grey seal hand hands happy place harbour seal hare hares harvest festival harvest mice harvest mouse hat hedgehog hedgehog fabric hen hens highland cattle highland cow hoglet hoof hooves horn horns hot pink hug hugs I care for you ice insect insects intermediate kingfisher kingfisher painting pack kit kits lamb lambs landscape landscape picture large fox leicester curls little owls local wool locally sourced lollipop longhaired cow magic magical makers makerss makerss box fox Making needle felted animals Making Simple Needle Felts man material medium blue merino tops mice mohair mole mole family moles mouse moustach lollipop moustache moustache lollipop technique mr mole natural natural wool mix nature Naughty gnome needle needle felt needle felt kit needle felt pack needle felted fox needle felting needle felting kit needlefelt needles noel owl owlets owls pack packs painting painting with wool pansies pansy Pansy flowers party pattern peacock peacock butterfly pet pets picture pin cushion pincushion popular pose-able poseable purple rabbit rabbits rainbow rainbow of hope rainbow tops Ramie robin robins rock crystals rocks rose quartz ryeland sale scarf scene scottish cow seal sealife seals seasonal seasonalwinter share sheep short silk clay hooves Simple skin sleeping sleepy snooze snoozing fox snoozy snow snowman snowmen sparkle spikes spikey spiky spring sprite sprites starter starter box summer summerspring technique the Makerss thinking of you toadstool Tomte Tomten tree warm white white mice white snow wildlife winter winter landscape wire wire armature wire hands wood slice woodland wool wool tops wreath xmas