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View all 2d 2d felting 3d afternoon pack anemone angel angelic animal animals arctic armature Artic august fairy autumn baby baby hedgehog baby owls badger bare bare hug bare hugs barnyard basket batts bear bear hug beginner beginner kit beginner pack beginner project bird birds black & tan black and tan blossom blue blue tit blue-tit bluetit box bright colours bright wool mix brights mix british brooch brooch pins brooches bubblegum bulk bumper pack bunnies bunny Burns night butterflies butterfly butterfly painting pack calico californian otter canine caring and sharing cat cats cattle character characters chick chicken chicklet christmas chuck cluck coastal cockerel common otter cool coop country country living countryside cow craft craft group craft pack crafternoon crafts crafty beginner cuddle cuddly teddy cuddly toy curled up curled up fox curled up hedgehog cute dachs dachshound dachshund dachshund trio dark purple dashhound dashhund dashound daxie design dog doggie doggy dogs doll domestic animals doormouse dormice dormouse easter easy egg eggs enhydra lutris eurasian fabric fairies fairy fairy box family farm farm animals farming feathers felt felted felting Felting mat fingers fish fishing flat fledgling flower flower brooch pins flowers fluffy forestr Forget me not fox fox red foxy mix friends friends and family friends pack fun garden garden birds gel gelled german dog gift gnome Gnomes golden yellow guardian hand hands hands with fingers hare hares harvest festival harvest mice harvest mouse hatch heather heaven hedgehog hedgehog fabric hedghog hegdehog hegehog hen highland cattle highland cow hoggie hoggy hoglet Hogmanay holly homer hoof hooves horn horns hot pink howl hug hughie hugs insects intermediate July fairy kit kits kitten kittie kitty landscape landscape picture large fox large hare large leaping hare large wire hare leaping hare little owls lockdown pack long-haired longhaired cow Lutra lutra machoggie machoggy Made with love make-along makealong makers makerss makerss box makerss box fox making needle felted animals Making Simple Needle Felts material mchoggie mchoggy medium blue merino mice mohair mohair fabric mole mole family moles moon mouse mr mole nature Naughty gnome needle needle felt Needle Felt Kit Needle Felt Pack needle felted fox needle felting Needle Felting Kit needle felting pack NEEDLEFELT needles nymph October otter otters owl owlet owlets owls pacific pack pack and tool kit packs painting with wool pansies pansy Pansy brooch pansy flower Pansy flowers party pattern peacock peacock butterfly peck people people and characters pet pets picture pipe cleaners Polar Bear poppies poppy poppy fairy poppy flower popular pose-able poseable poseable mice prickles prickly puppy pups puss rabbit rabbits raven robin robins rooster sausage sausage dog scene Scot Scotland Scottie Scottish scottish cow sealife seasonal sett sheep short short haired short-haired shorthair shorthaired silhouette silk clay hooves silky clay Simple skiing skin sleeping small kit small kits smooth haired smoothhair smoothhaired snoozing fox snow spike spikes spikey spiky spirit spring spring gnome sprite standing standing mice starter starter box structural stylised summer summerspring Sunflower Sunflower Fairy sunflowers tan teddy teddy bear template The Makerss tiggywinkle toadstools Tomte Tomten tops tortie tortoiseshell trees warm warren white white mice wiener wild rose Wild Rose Fairy wildlife wings winter winter landscape wire armature wire hands wire-haired witches fingers wolf woodland wool workshop wreath yellow