McHoggie Family Christmas Edition Needle Felt Pack - (NO TOOLS!)

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Our eagerly anticipated McHoggie Family
Christmas Edition Needle Felt Pack
is now available to PRE-ORDER
for dispatch in November!

Limited stocks available - order now so you don't miss out!

Super Early Bird - £35 - SOLD OUT within hours!

Early Bird - £38 - SOLD OUT!

Normal price - £40

These packs make four needle felted McHoggie characters with additional surprise Christmas items - please note that tools and clothes are NOT included. You can purchase add-on materials to accompany this project - read on for further details...

Please note that any add-on materials purchased here will be dispatched along with the Family Pack in November.

Homer McHoggie misses his family terribly! He has been working away from home since lockdown began and will have to wait until Christmas to be reunited with his wife, Heather Humble, and children, Holly & Hughie Humble-McHoggie... can you MAKE this happen?

Each week in Advent, needle felt one family member, accompanied by YouTube Live Streams as we craft the happy reunion together! There will be lots of support and McHoggie-related fun throughout Advent on our social media channels... we can't wait to see all the festive family reunions taking place!

The McHoggie Family Christmas Edition Pack includes everything you need to make the four needle felted McHoggie characters:

- Carded wool batts
- Hedgehog Fabric
- 8x Pipe Cleaners
- 4 pairs of black glue-in eyes
- Full colour step-by-step instructions for each character
- Silk clay for paws

Also included in the pack:

- McHoggie Newsletter including when to make each character and the Live Stream schedule that will accompany this project*
- Extra surprise accessories and materials to accompany your McHoggie Family*
- Special surprise project for you to open on Christmas Day* (including materials and instructions)
- Stories about each character

- Instructions for how to make clothes using fabrics of your choice

(*Exclusive to this Christmas Edition!)

Please note that the Family Pack does NOT include any tools or the materials for clothes. You can use felt sheets or fabrics from your own stash, or purchase add-on mixed colour felt sheet packs:

- Rainbow Felt Sheets add-on - 7 x 30x30cm sheets
- Muted Felt Sheets add-on - 7 x 30x30cm sheets

You may also be interested in making a Christmas Tree & Decorations:

- Special Edition 8-Colour Wool Mix add-on 
- 80g dyed & natural batts
(there will be a live stream in December showing you how to make them!)

You may wish to make additional family members too, so we have listed the following products here for you:

- Cappuccino Wool Mix
- 120g natural batts

- Extra Strong Pipe Cleaners
- pack of 25
- 6mm Black Glue-in Eyes (adult) - 12 pairs
- 5mm Black Glue-in Eyes (children)
 - 12 pairs
- Brown Silk Clay - 40g
- Pink Silk Clay
- 40g

- SMALL Hedgehog Fabric + Pattern* (Short Spikes) - 10x10cm
- MEDIUM Hedgehog Fabric  + Pattern* (Medium Spikes)
- LARGE Hedgehog Fabric  + Pattern* (Long Spikes
) - 16x16cm
*(pattern included is for a regular life-like hedgehog)

If you want to make lots more Hoggies, you can go for fabric only options in much bigger pieces:

- SMALL Hedgehog Fabric (Short Spikes)
- 24x24cm
- MEDIUM Hedgehog Fabric (Medium Spikes)
 - 28x28cm
- LARGE Hedgehog Fabric (Long Spikes)
 - 32x32cm

Please note that any add-on materials purchased here will be dispatched along with the Family Pack in November.

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