Starter Wet Felting or Fairy Wool Mix

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Starter Wet Felting or Fairy Wool Mix - 94g

14 fabulous colours with a mix of Multi Tones Australian Merino tops, New Zealand Merino batts and Shimmers, plant fibres and hand dyed Teeswater curls. The ideal starter wool mix to accompany our Wet Felted Flowers Live Stream.

Wet felting is a method of using soap, warm water and agitation to tangle fibres together to create felt. It is different to needle or dry felting. 

This wool mix is also perfect as a starter mix for making fairies with beautiful silky tops for the torso and dress and luscious curls for hair.

This fabulous wool mix contains:

  • Medium Blue New Zealand Merino batts
  • Bleached White Australian Merino batts
  • Green Tones Australian Merino tops
  • Green Shimmer New Zealand Merino batts
  • Yellow Tones Australian Merino tops
  • Yellow Shimmer New Zealand Merino batts
  • Orange Tones Australian Merino tops
  • Hot Pink New Zealand Merino batts
  • Cherry Blossom Mix Merino with silk batts
  • Red Tones Australian Merino tops
  • Claret Red New Zealand Merino batts
  • Purple Tones Australian Merino tops
  • Seacell or Ramie Tops
  • Black Teeswater Curls

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    NB: although every effort has been made to represent the colours shown as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match as all images can vary when viewed on different screens and devices.

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