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This month's Surprise Box Theme:

May - Street Party

Time to celebrate! Whether you are thinking of the Queen’s Jubilee, summer parties, or perhaps other projects will get ignited in you with this month’s themed surprise box. In this box you will find new to us fibres and accessories as well as some of our favourites! 


A Surprise Subscription Box! If you would like a box of goodies to do as you please with each month, no instructions included, just suggestions of creative possibilities, then this is the box for you! (If you would prefer a box with specific projects and step by step instructions, have a look at our Makerss Box here).

We will be releasing exclusive new products via these Surprise Boxes first, as well as including a few of our favourites! Please note that for future months all payments will come out on the 5th of the month (unless you have added this product to an existing subscription). 

Upcoming Themes:

June: How Does Your Garden Grow?


Information about our Surprise Box Subscription

What will I receive?

You will always receive a box full of a variety of fibres, and may also include materials, accessories, etc. Please note that this box does NOT include a felting mat and needle.

There will always be at least 6 different items, with a description of each. It is a Surprise Box so we are not telling you exactly what you are getting, the box themes are written above to get your creative juices going! We are going very eco-friendly with these boxes and not using plastic packaging, the materials will be placed in tissue paper directly into the box.

Who is it suitable for?

Ideal for people who love needle felting, many of the items can also be used for wet felting, spinning and other craft uses. Suitable for beginners and upwards, and children over 10 (or supervised crafty children age 7+) due to the fact we may sometimes put felting needles in the box. You could share the box between you at a craft group. The box can be delivered to any address and so is suitable for a gift.

How much does it cost and where do you ship to?

£15 per month plus delivery charge (£4.35 UK - we deliver worldwide - rest of world see our shipping prices at checkout).

How does the subscription work?

Once payment is received, the system generates an order for your subscription to our online shop, at this point you will receive an email notification, and also when the order is fulfilled (when it gets posted). Your first payment is on the day you create your subscription, we aim to process your order by the next working day. The next month and from then on you will always be charged on the 5th each month (unless you want to skip a payment - see below), once payment is made the order will be processed. You can cancel your subscription anytime - please see notes below.

How do I manage my account?

When you subscribed you would have received an email titled 'Activate your Account'. If you cannot find this - please get in touch and ask us to resend it. If you already had an account at our website on the same email address as your subscription, you will find your subscription in your account. Log into our website, and then in your account click 'manage subscriptions'. From here you can:

Skip a payment

Log into your account > click 'my account' > click manage subscription > click manage > click upcoming payments > click skip payment on the date that you would like to skip > click ok. That payment will be skipped and the others will continue as normal.

Update card details

If your card details change please update them in your account, otherwise we will not be able to process your order. Log into your account > click 'my account' > click manage subscription > click manage > click 'view/update card' > enter new card details > click OK

Cancel subscription

Log into your account > click 'my account' > click manage subscription > click manage > click 'cancel order'. The subscription will be cancelled. If you would like to re-subscribe you can at any time.

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