8 Needle Felting Handle / Tool / Holder with felting needles

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SKU: TL-8NeedleTool

 8 Needle Felting Tool with 8 x felting needles

  • Wooden Handle is comfortable to hold
  • The needles can be replaced. The tool contains a full set of medium needles.
  • Works great for 2d (flat) and 3d (shaping) projects
  • Can be used with 8 needles or less, giving you multiple options in one tool. 

You may prefer to take some of the needles out or replace with fine needles when working with firmly felted 3d shapes or firm 2d surfaces, if you find that the needles do not go in easily. 

Please note: The tool has been varnished to protect the wood, the varnish has a strong odour when the package is first opened which fades after a while.

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