Wax sample pack for modelling claws, beaks, and helping wrapped armature stick

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Wax Sample Pack

A sample of each wax product, each has different uses.

Beeswax Balm - a soft melt wax which warms and becomes pliable in the heat of your hand. Ideal for claws, beaks, and helping wool stick to bare wire.

Mums Makery Felters Wax - a harder wax product which is melted over a heat source and then cools to a firm finish, for a firmer look on toes, claws, beaks etc.You will need a method of heating the wax to melt it.

Fluff Grip - a super sticky product to apply to wire to grip wool when wrapping armature.

Want a softer wax that you heat in the palm of your hand? Try our Beeswax Balm.


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