How to make strawberries!

  • 2g of Poppy Red NZ batts
  • Pinch Light Yellow NZ batts
  • Pinch of Pea Green NZ batts
  • Medium #38 felting needle
  • Fine #40 felting needle
  • Felting mat

For a large life size Strawberry use 2g of Poppy Red and roll the wool into an oblong shape tucking in the fibres as you go. Felt the wispy ends down with your needle so you can let go of the shape.

Work on the shape with your medium needle making one end pointy and keeping the other broad. Strawberries come in all kind of shapes so you cannot go wrong if it looks rounder.


Next, take a wisp of Pea Green or Light Yellow to colour in the tip of the strawberry.


To do this spread the wool really thin over the pointy end and felt down like a dusting.

Next mix the Light Yellow with a little of the Pea Green wool to make a yellow-green.


Roll little spots between your fingers and start felting them onto the strawberry with your fine needle. The spots become bigger towards the broader end.


Use the same yellow-green mix and felt 3 same size flat strands about 2-3cm long. Use your medium needle.


Add each strand to the top by felting them on in the centre. Make sure each strand is slightly off-set. Continue to felt them down, using your fine needle, until they are smooth.


Add a stalk if you wish by taking a strand of the mix and rolling it between your fingers to create a stem. Using your medium needle, felt it securely into the centre of the leaves. You can make all sizes of strawberries now too!