Wire Wrapping Technique (video)

A super short (under 2 minutes) Video on how to wrap wool batts around wire.

Short but extremely useful and essential to know!  Before you watch the video read our product recommendations below or make sure to come back after the video.

Wire wrapping technique, watch here


You can try all or our wires by buying a wire sample pack.

We also do a sample pack for all of our core wool - all of them are great for wrapping around wire.

Our all time favourite batt for wrapping around wire and for shaping has to be the Lanolin Rich South German Merino - off white. Due to its lanolin content it makes it a slightly 'sticky' fibre that is perfect when you are trying to get a grip onto the wire. This grippiness also works when adding layers on top of another.

If you need a little extra help for the wool to 'stick' you can use our Beeswax Balm which adds lovely oils into the fibre and makes them 'sticky' too!

Our wool batts are great for wrapping and we have an extensive selection here.

And finally for smaller project you can get the fibres to attach more easily if you are using our extra strong or luxury pipe cleaners.