Flowers & Pictures Needle Felt Starter Box - contains everything you need

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2d Needle Felt Starter Box - Ideal for creating flowers, pictures, hessian bunting, card making and lots more...

Contains everything you need to get started:

  • Medium Foam Mat
  • 5x Felting Needles in coarse, medium and fine
  • General instructions: How to needle felt, how to use water soluble paper and hessian
  • specific Instructions to make card motifs or Pictures. These vary between Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer depending on the current seasons. Please message us if you have a preference.
  • Water soluble paper (ideal for creating flowers and butterflies)
  • Hessian piece (ideal backing for pictures, motifs for card making, bunting etc)
  • 80g bag of wool in at least 8 different dyed colours, choose from mainly pinks and purples with luxury fibres, or rainbow colours (or let us surprise you!). If you have a preference please add in comments box at checkout. Please note: The fibres in these bags vary depending on what lovely fibres we have in stock at the time.
  • Flower project instructions

There is enough in this box to keep you very happy for weeks with lots of possible projects. See our free tutorials pages for ideas for spring bunting, pictures, etc. If you are planning on doing a lot of 2d needle felting you may want to consider the following option by selecting it n the option box (displayed below the price on this page):

7x needle tools and brush mat option:

Lots of people using the 2d needle felting starter kit ask us also for a 7x needle felting tool and a brush mat - there is an option to add these for £16 - which saves you £2 on buying these individually. These are not essential for 2d needle felting, but are absolutely brilliant if you are doing a lot of 2d needle felting as the 7x needle tool goes 7 times as fast as you can, and the brush mat protects the 7x needle tool and lasts forever, whereas the 7x needle tool would wear out your foam mat pretty quickly. Use a single felting needle (5x included in the pack) for your outlines and details, and use the 7x handle to felt down the surface quickly (great way of relaxing after a bad day!)