#01 Mixed Bag natural colours 120g

The Makerss


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We have put together our favourite animal colours, five in total in equal quantities making up a minimum of 120g for the large bag or 60g for the small bag:

Shetland - White, great core wool but also the whitest natural white.

Merino 'Hare Brown': great for Needle felting as short fibre, lovely Mellow Brown Caramel colour, perfect for Hares, Fawns, Reindeer, Camels....

Portuguese Merino: Rich Chocolate Dark Brown, again great for needle felting due to the short fibres, excellent for Christmas Puddings, Otters, Bees...

Gotland-Island Grey: makes an amazing strong felt perfect for Sturdy Badgers

Natural black: this is a mix between a Stone Lamb and a dyed Merino. We call it a 'Natural' Black as it is not a Jet Black colour which can appear too flat when using it with other natural colours, this black has a slighter lighter fibre running through it to give it more natural appearance.

Ideal for 2d and 3d Needle felting, Wet felting and other crafts.