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DMC Cotton Embroidery Thread - perfect for doll making

DMC Cotton Embroidery Thread - perfect for doll making

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DMC Cotton Embroidery Thread - 100% cotton, 6 ply 

Great for sewing eyes, mouths and hair onto dolls and for decorative stitching on accessories and clothes.

DMC Stranded Cotton is The World's Favourite Embroidery Thread. Using the world's finest long staple cotton it is mercerised twice to give your embroidery an exceptional sheen. The 6 easily divisible strands allow you to vary the weight of your stitches to add depth to your project. In addition, the highly resistant, colourfast dyes mean your embroidery won't fade as a result of washing or exposure to light. 

8 metre hanks, available in 3 colours:

  1. Medium Blue 
  2. Medium Brown 

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Colours are washable and fade resistant. Please take into account the fabric onto which you have embroidered. We recommend washing with a mild soap. After washing, wrap your embroidery in a towel to remove excess water, then dry flat. Place your embroidery on a clean cloth, preferably while still damp, and iron on the reverse side, at the temperature setting recommended for the fabric.

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Customer Reviews

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Mrs Donna Sutherland

Great thread to work with and gives very effective look as hair peeking below a hat