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Pony Needle Felt Pack - with or without tools

Pony Needle Felt Pack - with or without tools

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Pony Needle Felt Pack (with or without tools) makes ONE pony, but each pack includes plenty of batts in tops in brown, cream and rust coloured wool so you can choose your preferred coat and mane. Steffi will demonstrate how to mix the wool to create blends in the video below so you can make your pony look like one of ours in the photos here, or mix the shades and create markings of your own choosing! You can even make the legs longer. 

You can choose to purchase this pack with or without the Mini Eco Tool Kit.

Suitable for beginners+ and children over 10 (or supervised crafty children 7+).

Skill Level: Crafty Beginner

Size in cm: 22cm tall from ear tips to feet

Techniques used: wire armature, wrapping wool around wire, adding details and features

This pack contains:

  • Full-colour, step-by-step instructions.
  • 6 different types of wool.
  • 2mm Aluminium Wire
  • 7mm Black Glue-In Eyes
  • Silk Clay in brown and pink.

You will also need: felting needles standard #38 medium or twisted #36 coarse, felting mat [ or choose to purchase the optional Mini Eco Tool Kit ], wire cutters/pliers, clear-drying glue.

Designed and packaged in the UK using ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials. Please reuse, recycle, and/or compost packaging & tools.

~~Warning! May contain very sharp needles. Not a toy!~~

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