Doll's House Baby Sew-Along Pack - with or without book - no tools!

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Welcome to your Sew-Along Pack! Also available with our Making Soft Dolls Book.

This pack accompanies our YouTube video tutorials for the Doll's House Baby soft doll project.  You can find both parts here:

Doll's House Baby Sew-Along - PART ONE
Doll's House Baby Sew-Along - PART TWO

This Sew-Along Pack contains all the materials and and templates needed to make up to 4 baby doll's house dolls - watch the tutorials for step-by-step instructions.  You will NOT need the book Making Soft Dolls but might want to refer to it especially if you are interested in making a whole Doll's House Family or larger sewn Soft Dolls.

Pack contents:

  • 16 x 23cm Stockinette piece (Light Skin - please note that this is a lighter shade than the one pictured above)
  • 30 x 30cm light yellow felt sheet
  • 2m brown embroidery thread
  • 1x reel of pale sewing thread
  • 2m red sewing thread
  • 10g stuffing wool
  • 3x extra strong pipe cleaners
  • 2m extra strong thread
  • Template for body and hat (see above).

Pack and Making Soft Dolls Book available at reduced price of £26.00 when bought together.

You will also need:

  • Sharp (embroidery) scissors, a plain sewing needle.
  •  To make the little crocheted cradle for the baby you will need the Making Soft Dolls book.

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