Dyed Ramie - blue/green silk-like plant fibre tops (20g)

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SKU: FW-TOPSRamieDyedBlueGreen

Dyed Ramie - blue/green

Silk-like dyed plant fibre (20g)

Also known as the vegan silk (as it is often used as a substitute) we love this long, straight fibre for its shine! It is very fine and tears easily.

Its soft blue/green colour is ideal for mermaids and water-themed makes, fairies, angels or why not also use it to embellish 2D pictures, flowers and butterflies? Simply mix it with a little wool to help it felt onto your projects.  

You could also use the fibres as hair for fairies, for example.  It is really easy to turn into curls - for more information of how to do this please visit our tutorial page on Making Curls.

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