Earth Friendly Felting Mat Set 'Earth Mat' 20 x 20cm

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SKU: TL-EarthMatSET-20x20cm


Earth Friendly Felting Mat Set (top and bottom) 20 x 20cm - hand cut, no instructions.

The Soft Top Felting Mat is made from: 100% wool which makes it compostable when it wears out and needs replacing - the wool is dense wool so will last a long time particularly if you rotate the mat occasionally so you use different areas.

The Firm Base Felting Mat is made from 70% wool and 30% man-made fibre but will last for a very long time and may not ever need replacing!

This way you save money and the planet. It doesn't get any better. The great advantage of the Earth Mat is that it is durable unlike foam mats or similar and versatile in its use: flat needle felting, shaping, single needle use or multi-needle tools are all possible. We have trialled the Earth Mat for some time now, in-house as well as with our customers, and the feedback is brilliant! 

Also visit our Free Tutorial page for 'How to use our Earth Friendly Felting Mat instructions'