Essential Starter Tool Kit

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SKU: TL-StarterToolKit-EssentialDarkBlue&LightBlue

NEW ESSENTIAL Starter Tool Kit 

Perfect for beginners to needle felting, this tool kit contains 2 each of fine, medium and coarse felting needles, a double-layer A6 Eco Wool Felting Mat, leather finger and thumb protectors AND 2 bright wooden handles with fine needle in each – 4 colour ways, see below.

Essential Starter Tool Kit contents:

• Clear plastic box storage box

• A6 Eco Wool Felting Mat Set

• 6 felting needles in a clear tube with a screw top: 1 x yellow, 1 x red fine felting needles, 1 x purple and 1 x orange coarse felting needles, 1 x green and 1 x blue felting needles

• Leather finger and thumb protectors

AND ONE of 4 wooden single needle holder options:

  1. Dark Blue and Light Blue (2 single needle holders)
  2. Green and Yellow (2 single needle holders)
  3. Purple and Pink (2 single needle holders)
  4. Red and Orange (2 single needle holders)

Each wooden needle holder comes with each with a fine needle securely stored inside the handle.

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