Exotic Wool Mix 80g

The Makerss

SKU: FW-ExoticWoolMix

Exotic Wool Mix 80g - 8 fabulous, zingy colours.

This wool mix is the perfect accompaniment to our ‘Little Fishies’ Make-Along at 1pm BST on Tuesday 18th May on YouTube (repeated on Facebook on Thursday 20th May at 7pm BST)


10g each of:

  1. Neon Pink New Zealand Merino
  2. Flamingo Mountain Sheep
  3. Neon Yellow New Zealand Merino
  4. Neon Green New Zealand Merino
  5. Blue Green Shimmer New Zealand Merino
  6. Turquoise Australian Merino
  7. Aqua Mountain Sheep
  8. Seashell Shimmer New Zealand Merino

    Let your imagination go wild with these wonderful exotic shades, perfect for summer scenes and tropical aquatic projects.