Fairy Decoration Bundle

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Fairy Decoration Bundle - perfect for all your fairy projects.

Over 150 individual assorted accessories to include:

  • Assorted pieces of tulle, 18 inches x 6 inches (45cm x 15cm approx) in assorted colours of red, pink, purple, blue, white (plain and sequinned);
  • Assorted jewels - pink diamonds and coloured rhinestones;
  • Assorted accessories such as small gold crowns and silver bells;
  • Assorted fabric flowers;
  • Assorted fabric butterflies;
  • Small ladybirds and bees;
  • Sequin ribbon;
  • Assorted feathers;
  • Small lollies;
  • Small bird.

NB Please note that contents may vary slightly from the list above but will include similar items in all cases.

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