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Flexible Steel Wire x 20 - 45cm long

Flexible Steel Wire x 20 - 45cm long

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New Flexible Steel Wire, perfect for creating light/small weight wire armatures for your needle felt creations.

20 x 45cm lengths.

This flexible wire is made up from 2 fine pieces of wire that are twisted and fused together (looks like the inside wire of a pipe cleaner without the cotton or chenille cover), giving it strength and a unique look and feel. The surface is uneven, with tiny ridges which makes it perfect for needle felting as wool can grip it with ease. Please note that the wire will rust if exposed to water/damp. 

It can be easily sculpted, whilst still holding a rigid and stable position. The wire can be cut, bent or twisted together, allowing it to be used for multiple craft ideas.

Made in the UK

Adult supervision is advised.

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Customer Reviews

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Gives strength to my sculptures

I use this wire for my larger makes. It's strong but can be positioned easily. Great for leg positions.

great for gripping wool, but not for posable makes

Easy to wrap wool around and grips easy without needing any glue or tacky substance which is great!
Although I've found you can bend the arm/leg but it bounces back and doesnt hold. So not so good if you want to pose / re-pose any makes made with this wire.

Diana Oldacre
Best ever!

This is the best wire ever! At least it is the best for fairies which is all I’ve used it for so far, but I’m sure it will be good for the armature of larger creatures too as it is fairly firm yet easy to bend, and to cut using pliers. Because it is in fact two strands of steel twisted together, your wool will cling to it well, especially if you use fluff grip, lavender balm or a touch of glue to start.