Luxury Starter Tool Kit

The Makerss

SKU: TL-StarterToolKit-LuxuryBlue&LightBlueHandles

NEW Luxury Starter Tool Kit in a light, secure plastic storage box.

Perfect for beginners to needle felting, this handy tool kit contains 2 each of fine, medium and coarse felting needles, a double-layer A6 EARTH Felting Mat and Earth Mat instructions, leather finger and thumb protectors AND 2 bright wooden needle holders with a fine needle in each – choice of 4 colourways, see below.

Luxury Starter Tool Kit contents:

  • Clear plastic box storage box
  • A6 EARTH Felting Mat Set (top and base)
  • Earth Mat Instructions
  • 6 felting needles in a clear tube with a screw top:
  • 1 x yellow, 1 x red fine felting needles, 1 x purple and 1 x orange coarse felting needles, 1 x green and 1 x blue felting needles
  • Leather finger and thumb protectors

AND ONE of 4 wooden needle holder options:

  1.  Dark Blue and Light Blue 
  2.  Green and Yellow 
  3.  Purple and Pink 
  4.  Red and Orange 

Each wooden needle holder comes with each with a fine needle securely stored inside the handle.

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