Best Selling Materials & Tools Bumper Packs

The Makerss

£180.00 £204.00
SKU: MT-BestsellingbumperLUXURY

A choice of 2 huge bumper packs of all our best selling materials & tools, with our most popular instructions thrown in as well (and you have all the materials needed to make them in your bumper pack)

Basic Materials Bumper Pack - over £120 worth of goodies, at a great price!

You will receive:

  • Mice Instructions
  • Gnome Instructions
  • 25x Extra Strong Pipe Cleaners
  • 20x Pink Pipe Cleaners
  • 3x pairs Wire Birds Legs
  • Beeswax Balm - natural
  • Glue-in eyes - 12 pairs Black Mixed Sizes
  • Water Soluble Paper 40x90cm
  • Covered Wire - 1.00mm Cotton covered copper wire
  • Brooch Backs - x20 no-sew 
  • 8" Wire Wreath
  • Made with Love tags - x10 with ribbon
  • Felt Sheet - 30x45cm ideal background for a picture, or make accessories for your mice!
  • 250g Basic Core Wool
  • 'Cappuccino' Wool Pack 120g
  • 'Woodland' Wool Pack 120g
  • 15 Colour Rainbow Wool Pack 150g
  • 100g Australian Merino
  • 12g Cream coloured curls - ideal for gnomes beards!
  • 50g Flesh Pink New Zealand Merino
  • Felting Needles - 6x Standard Mixed Felting Needles (2x Coarse, 2x, Medium, 2x Fine)
  • Felting Mat - 10x15cm Basic Wool Mat (double layer)

Luxury Bumper Pack add-on

Receive all of the above list, plus the extra items below when you choose the luxury option:

  • Signed Making Needle Felted Animals Book
  • Signed Making Simple Needle Felts Book 
  • Landscape Picture Instructions
  • Small Hedgehog Fabric and Instructions (intermediate skill level project) 
  • Angelina Fibre
  • 100g Lanolin Rich Core Wool
  • Natural Dyed Multi-coloured Wool Pack 50g
  • Hand Dyed Teeswater Curls 10g (colours may vary)
  • Twisted Felting Needles (1x Coarse, 1x Medium, 1x Fine in tube)
  • A6 Earth Mat Set

All the items in the second list are in the Luxury option only. The Luxury option contains over £204 worth of goodies.