Pick 'n' Mix Sweetie Jars - 200g mixed wool

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 We know how much you like our Pick 'n' Mix at Craft Shows and feel your pain of missing out on them whilst in Lock-down. So, we thought if you can't come to the Pick 'n' Mix we have to bring it to you!

200g of gorgeous colours stuffed into a single sweetie jar with lid. We will be releasing colour themes throughout 2020, with a limited number of each colour theme - select your choice in the drop down box.

  1. Rhubarb and Custard wool tops
  2. British Landscape wool batts
  3. Bright Rainbow wool tops

For each theme the jars are filled with the same or similar colours (if we run out) as pictured, and are likely to be different weights of each colour, and always around 8-10 colours.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As you all know we don't like buying in more plastic and are trying to cut down on using it for packaging etc. We therefore would love it to know that you continue to use the sweetie jars for a storage solution in your house. Keeping wool in there with the lid screwed on will make sure the moths stay out. The jars also have a resale value! So before throwing them out with the trash consider to re-use them or pass them on! Thank you!