Raw (unwashed) Cotswold Pickwick fleece - for washing & dyeing - various weights

The Makerss


Unwashed Cotswold fleece from the Pickwick flock - this flock is well renowned for the whiteness and fineness of the fleece - spinners love it, and it is great for dyeing due to its whiteness (when washed!). We are lucky enough to be local to this amazing flock here in the Cotswolds so of course we had to share it with you!

We have FREE tutorials on how to wash the fleece, and dye it using food colouring. It is a very simple method of dyeing and can even be done in the microwave!

We also love this fleece because Rob Harvey Long clearly loves his animals and each sheep in the flock is named after a character from history, we have had fleece so far from Adriana, Gigi and Czar Nicholas II among others! The Pickwick flock itself is named after Charles Dickens' The Pickwick Papers, which was inspired by a place called Corsham in the Cotswolds, near where the flock is from.

Raw (unwashed, unprocessed) fleece can contain bacteria which can be particularly dangerous for vulnerable and pregnant people. Always wash your hands and any equipment thoroughly after working with raw fleece. Use old buckets and equipment that you don't use for cooking with.

The fleece is raw and so contains lanolin, there is a little vegetable matter too but not very much.